Didapages Interactive Books by Collaborating Schools

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Productions 2016 - Bookshelf Nine

Dragon Dream

The Mysterious Adventures
of Pepper and Cookie

The Disappearance
of Christmas Magic

The Little Green
Monster's Story

Productions 2016 - Bookshelf Eight

A Chocolate Story

Mr. Skeleton's Journey

Like a Mirror

The Amazing Adventures
of Lario and Kuigi

Productions 2016 - Bookshelf Seven

Earthus Four Super Powers
to Save the Earth

Captive in the City

The Rainbow School

Lloyd's Adventures
in Leigoworld!

Productions 2016 - Bookshelf Six

Juliette and the Witch


The Clumsy Fairy

The Adventures
of Captain Purple

Productions 2016 - Bookshelf Five


The Riddle
of the Haunted House

School Storm

William's Last Wish

Productions 2014 - Bookshelf Four

Crazy Party!

The Terrifying Story

Productions 2014 - Bookshelf Three

Neycat's Adventure

Poki And The Queen

The True Story
of Santa Claus

Productions 2014 - Bookshelf Two

The Big Tale of

Uncertain Love

On The Other Side
of The Forest


Productions 2013 - Bookshelf One

Christmas Back
From The Future

The Experiment

The Travel Mystery

The Detective Club Legend

The Crocodile
and The Mouse

The Globetrotters