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    9 août 2019, par vermaruby38

    Try playing happy wheels full game

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      17 septembre 2019, par woonkwonk

      Travel lover. Typical analyst. Unapologetic tv fanatic. Incurable beer scholar. Proud organizer. https://dirtywonk.com/

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        2 avril 2020, par pesokomo

        When a friend of Erika’s visited me one night on her recommendation, I unleashed my full repertoire on her. As we lay afterwards sharing a cigarette and a bottle of wine, she looked up at me, her eyes wide. "Bloody hell, Sabrina — you are gold-dust my dear. I’ve not had a session like that in many a year. You should go pro, young lady. Erika and I know people that would pay top dollar for an evening like that."
        At first, I barely gave the idea a second thought ; I just took it as a compliment and went on my own merry way. Then the annual maintenance bill for the apartment came in from the property management company and I realised my three days a week on the phones in a call-centre were not going to get me out of this one.

        I mentioned my predicament to Erika and she made me a business proposition. She would not exactly be my agent but would procure women for me from her wide circle of acquaintances. She wanted no remuneration but reserved the right to join in when the need arose. I had wavered until I looked at the bill once more and never looked back thereafter.

        A week later, Erika sent me my first client. I had no idea how much to charge her, so she did some research for me and sent me a few links to websites of women who provided the same kind of services. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I thought I could never command such fees. After three sessions, I had paid off the maintenance charge and had a fair bit left over for new clothing.

        I had just turned twenty-two when my first website was unleashed on the world and within three months, I had rearranged the apartment entirely. What had been my bedroom in a smaller back room off the main loft area became a guest room, though very few guests used it. I split the huge open-plan loft area into two ; one side with a comfortable living area, the other with a beautiful oversized brass bed in the middle of it. I had the windows treated so that I could still see out, but no-one could see in. That view was too good to waste even when I was whipping the shit out of my hapless victims.

        Over the next six months, I trawled the internet for equipment and devices that would add to my burgeoning collection, and soon my work area was home to countless racks of instruments of torture. I spent a fortune on fucking-machines and had a Sybian imported at ridiculous cost, but it was worth it. There was now a separate area that I called ’The Machine Room’, It was full of benches, chairs and stocks which were all geared up for one purpose — the restraint of willing women who were eager to be put through seven levels of hell by a girl who once thought she may go through life without anything even resembling a sexual encounter.

        By now, my range of clients had gone way beyond Erika’s coterie and when two pairs of hands were required - which was becoming more and more frequent given the equipment I now had - we made an irresistible pairing.

        Somewhere in that time, I had become Bree instead of Sabrina. Bit by bit, I was leaving my old self behind. The next two years were a heady whirl of a steadily increasing clientele base and rapidly escalating fees. At the same time, I was also mentally digging a deeper hole in which to bury my bad memories, which still surfaced from time to time and led to bouts of depression which I overcame with hard work rather than resorting to chemicals.
        I was doing well in filling in the hole I had dug when the carpet was pulled from under my feet. By pure chance, I came across one of my ex-tormentors whilst having a little break from my usual nocturnal activities. I had used the bar a few times. It was a fair way upriver from where I lived, but I had been lucky there in the past. I just fancied a nice quiet one-nighter with a complete stranger, so got myself an outside seat on the riverbank, sank a couple of local premium craft beers and lit up a few Sobranies.

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    vendredi 9 août 2019

    Try playing happy wheels full game

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