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Publié : 28 octobre 2011

expression écrite sur le 11 Septembre de Thomas (1ère MEI)

Thomas’ work :

Today, it’s the 11th of September. So it’s the birthday of the accident of the World Trade Center. It’s been ten years. A victim talks to us about the tragedy : « I was in the North tower, the first plane crashed here around 8:46AM. It was really scary. Panic, fear, everything happened so fast.When I saw this big plane crash I was like : ’oh my god, this is it, I’m going to die. ’ And when you feel that, you just realise how much you love life. I think my life will never be the same. After that, a few minutes later, there was a second plane crash on the South tower, I saw some people jump out of the tower. It was terrible, I’ll never forget that, how could I ? »

What a sad story. After the second plane crash, a third plane crashed into the Pentagon and twenty-two minutes later, the South tower collapsed. There was a fourth plane that crashed into an empty field in Pensylvania and a few minutes later, the North tower collapsed. It’s the kind of thing that you can’t forget.

To me, the tradgedy of 9/11 was one of the saddest stories. A lot fo people died, because of the plane crash or killed themselves. It changed America for ever, after 9/11, they started to learn about Islman and religion. They were more open-minded about a lot of things.