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Publié : 28 octobre 2011

expression écrite sur le 11 Septembre de Cyril (1ère MEI)

Today it’s the tenth birthday of the World Trade Center attacks. To remember them, this is a chronology of the saddest day of American history :
 8:46 AM : the first plane hit the World Trade Center’s North tower.
 9:03 AM : the second plane crashed into the South tower.
 9:37 AM : the third plane hit the Pentagon.
 9:59 AM : the South tower collapsed, invading the city with dust.
 10:03 AM : a fourth plane crashed into an empty field because its passengers attacked their four hijackers. They remain heroes in our memories.
 10:28 AM : the second tower, the North tower, collapsed as the South tower.

Now we’re going to give you some testimonies of victims, they are survivors :

« Oh it was horrible, I heard a big ’boom’, and I saw...I saw the North tower on fire, there were a lot of firemen on the road. »

« Me ? No, I wasn’t in the World Trade Center, but in a building next to it, we saw the first plane’s crash and we went under the table. »

My opinion : This attack was terrible for the USA. To me, America must counter-attack as it did during Pearl Harbor. The USA were a powerful land but the terrorists wanted to show Americans that they were not invincible.  Now they will never be the same again.