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  • Destination Maintenance - Février 2013

    Ce site est destiné, à toute personne souhaitant s’informer sur la maintenance des équipements industriels : parents, filles ou garçons de collège, 3DP6, 3ème pré-professionnelle ou les élèves de lycées souhaitant se réorienter ("Le coin vidéos" ). ?lng=fr
  • expression écrite sur le 11 Septembre de David (1ère MEI) - Octobre 2011

    David’s work :
    Today we celebrate the birthday of the twin towers air disaster. Let us remember that almost four thousand people were killed. Let’s not forget that they lived their saddest and more horrible day. Four planes crashed. The first into the North tower, the second into the South tower then the third into the Pentagon. The last plane crashed into an empty field in Pensylvania. At 9 :59AM, the South tower collapsed. And at 10:28 AM, the North tower collapsed.
    We’ve got an interview (...)
  • expression écrite sur le 11 Septembre de Thomas (1ère MEI) - Octobre 2011

    Thomas’ work :
    Today, it’s the 11th of September. So it’s the birthday of the accident of the World Trade Center. It’s been ten years. A victim talks to us about the tragedy : « I was in the North tower, the first plane crashed here around 8:46AM. It was really scary. Panic, fear, everything happened so fast.When I saw this big plane crash I was like : ’oh my god, this is it, I’m going to die. ’ And when you feel that, you just realise how much you love life. I think my life will never be the (...)
  • expression écrite sur le 11 Septembre de Cyril (1ère MEI) - Octobre 2011

    Today it’s the tenth birthday of the World Trade Center attacks. To remember them, this is a chronology of the saddest day of American history :
    8:46 AM : the first plane hit the World Trade Center’s North tower.
    9:03 AM : the second plane crashed into the South tower.
    9:37 AM : the third plane hit the Pentagon.
    9:59 AM : the South tower collapsed, invading the city with dust.
    10:03 AM : a fourth plane crashed into an empty field because its passengers attacked their four hijackers. They remain (...)