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Publié : 28 octobre 2011

expression écrite sur le 11 Septembre de David (1ère MEI)

David’s work :

Today we celebrate the birthday of the twin towers air disaster. Let us remember that almost four thousand people were killed. Let’s not forget that they lived their saddest and more horrible day. Four planes crashed. The first into the North tower, the second into the South tower then the third into the Pentagon. The last plane crashed into an empty field in Pensylvania. At 9 :59AM, the South tower collapsed. And at 10:28 AM, the North tower collapsed.

We’ve got an interview of a survivor :

’ -How was the attack ?’ ’-It was horrible, really awful...When I heard the ’boom’, I was only scared, I was terrified. So, I wondered ’Am I dreaming » and I quickly understood that it wasn’t a dream. I really lived a nightmare.’ ’-Would you think that you could live that in your life ?’ ’-No...I’d never imagine that it could happen. I never had luck.’

For me, I think it was an awful attack and it could happen anywhere. The USA have changed after the attack, Americans learnt more about different beliefs.Let’s keep a memory of it for all innocent victims.