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The school Monge is an institution for second and higher learn in France, in Chambery town, on Savoie county and on Rhône-alpes region. It’s a professional, general and technical school. The school Monge is locate on the left shore of Albanne, next to Buisson Rond’s park, of the Boigne’s castle and sports facilities, in relation with the south Green way, at the bottom of "Charmette".

In 1964, only one third of population from chambery go to school because the institution aren’t to many enought. To 1958-1959 from 1964-1965, the whale students increased from to 12 000 to 17 000. The technical school Monge was built from 1960 to 1963 street Colombier, in an alluvial in places of populars garden. He opened on september, 1963, the 15th. The area pf the shool is made of 5ha incluted 8 workshops with office and lockers and 7 000m².The institution can accommodate 49 classes with a team of 106 teachers and in the refectory there 800 places in the internship there 600 places, making the most important regional institution of professional and technological. The High School will be named "Gaspard Monge" in 1970 and the street of Colombier will be renamed "Avenue Marius Berroir" in honor of the former school principal who was resistant during the Second World War.

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