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Story : Create an incredible story about what happened to you.


One day in my life, an incredible story happened to me.

When I went back to school, I saw a big book in front of my entrance door. I carried this big book to my bedroom; I opened it and read two sentences : <<Write and you will see>> and <<Name: …>>, so I wrote my mother’s name : Pascale, and I read…

I read my mother’s past, present, and future on a red ribbon. I could move life’s events, for example a death date, or a success date.

I changed the name and I wrote my ennemy’s name : Sophia. I changed her present, I deleted her Baccalauréat diploma.

After this bad action, a shadow arrived in front of me, and he said : – If you change this date, you will have to change this date for you too.

I refused, so nothing happened.

And I understood that : it isn’t good to change life with a machine or a book, you have to let things happened by themseves.

12/10/12 Enora





Report of the board game club.


Last Tuesday, I went to the board game club. Everybody was present. The games were very interesting because they were really different. After, many people were happy. This club started from 4 PM until 6 PM, in the room 12. It was a lot of fun !! The games were very good !! Rebecca played cards with Charly. Emma and Amelie sang. Loryne and Victoria drawed with a pencil. Marie talked about horses with Charlotte. Caroline found an old friend she had not seen for one year. Pauline found a boyfriend.


Everybody had a great time !!


12/10/12 Romane




Last week-end ,we have seen the football match of the year ,Real Madrid F.C. Versus F.C. Barcelona .In the Barcelona stadium ,the « Nou Camp » ,the atmosphere in the tribune is very electric ! When the referee whistled ,the players immediatly run to the ball ! At first the Real Madrid had the ball ,and they attack the Barcelona goal ,and when we didn’t expect it ,Cristiano Ronaldo scored ! All the Real madrid players jumped joyfully.In the second haft Lionel Messi ,scored twice,the Real Madrid players were afraid,but finally ,Cristiano Ronaldo scored again and the match was over .

Victor Miguel 12/10/2012



My boy – friend*


His name is Milvene

He is 20 years old

He Was born the 13 january 1992

He has got 3 brothers and 5 sisters

He lives in Guyane in city Cogneau


He is a joiner and he plays music

In a band called «  Moi Boys ».

 12/10/12  Fedia


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