Marburg - May 2014

In May (11.05. - 17.05.2014) all partners met in Marburg at Erich Kästner-School. 33 students and 11 teachers came to our nice city. 
The title of this meeting was "Building bridges between people". We had a fantastic week together with our partners. The program was arranged by a group of teachers together with a group of students called the "Comeniusgroup". We tried to find different ways to get people into contact with each other without using a spoken language. The "languages" we used were music, dancing, playing, sports, adventures,...
 We want to say a very big "Thank you" to all of our friends for the fantastic week that gave us memories to last a lifetime ...

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Mittwoch 4. Juni 2014

Building bridges between people - Comenius meeting in Marburg May 2014

Here you can find the program of the week in Marburg!

Mittwoch 4. Juni 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

Es war eine wunderschöne Woche mit euch!

It was a fantastic week with all the European guests in Marburg!

Mittwoch 4. Juni 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER


On Thursday afternoon all students and teachers joined a sports lesson in the big gym of the Erich Kästner-School. The guests had the choice between playing basketball, hockey, table tennis and badminton. A lot of fun for all!!!!!

Mittwoch 4. Juni 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

Observation in classes

On Tuesday and Thursday the exchange-students where in different classes and took part in lessons.

Mittwoch 4. Juni 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

Our trip to Frankfurt

After a busride to Frankfurt we were on a boattrip on the river Main. After a typical local lunch, we had the possibility to visit the Maintower or the shopping- mall “ My Zeil “

Mittwoch 4. Juni 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

City quest

On Tuesday in the afternoon all the guests joined a quest in the city of Marburg. In mixed groups the foreign and the german students and teachers had to find the answers of questions about the city.
Every group had a wheelchair. So the guests could sit in the wheelchair and get an impression (...)

Monday 2 June 2014
by  Thomas MENG

In a French newspaper

A local newspaper has reported upon our visit in Marburg.

Donnerstag 22. Mai 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

Team games

On the first day we played games in the schoolyard. All students and teachers got into contact while playing together:

The "Walking A": One person is standing in the middle of a huge wooden "A", everybody else has to stabilize the A with the robes 
The "Acid River": Build a bridge (...)

Donnerstag 22. Mai 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

Building bridges through dancing

Everybody danced together - young/older, disabled/able, men/women, ...

A fantastic idea by one of our primary school colleagues - thank you Natalie!

Donnerstag 22. Mai 2014
by  Hans-Ulrich DENGLER

Art project

In mixed groups the students had to fill in the outlines of each country! After a hundred photos were taken, we ate the gummi bears at the end of the week...

Thank you Mareike for this idea!









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