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5e - Concours de conte de fées en anglais

vendredi 8 juin 2012, par Mme Félix-Naix

Un jury de professionnels de la littérature, composé de Mme Dupuy, M. Magnouloux et moi-même, a attentivement lu tous les contes de fées sortis de l’imagination des élèves des classes de 5A et de 5C, et rédigés dans la langue de Shakespeare. Trois contes ont particulièrement retenu notre attention : il s’agit de ceux de Léa Dugand (5C), Léa Pellegrin-Salanon (5A) et Juliette Rostaind (5A). C’est finalement celui de Juliette qui remporte le concours. Bonne lecture !


Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time there were three fairies : One red, one purple and one green, who flew in the clouds. They lived in the enchanted world. The first fairy, the red, had the power to change the people into dwarves or into giants. Her name was Jessica. The second, the purple, had the power to change everything in the world into animals. Her name was Timmy. The third fairy, the green, had the power to go back in the past or to go in the future. Her names were Anna, Jessica, Timmy and Anna had one enemy : The giant of Scary city !

One day, the three fairies went for a walk in the forest. The giant appeared. Timmy cast a spell on the monster. The giant changed into mouse, into a tiny mouse. They killed it.

Jessica, Timmy and Anna were happy ! They called their friends : Three elves. They were told their story with a giant. The boys were surprised and fell in love with the fairies. The little creatures were in love too. One year later they married : Timmy with the purple elf, Jessica with the red elf and Anna with the green elf. They lived happily ever after.

Rostaind Juliette 5° A


The donkey and the prince.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Jenny. One day, she went into the forest and she met an old lady, she was tired and her bag was heavy ! She asked Jenny for some help but Jenny didn’t want to help her, so the old lady changed herself into a fairy. With her magic wand, she decided to change Jenny into a donkey. She said to her : "The donkey will have to accomplish two missions in order to become Jenny again ". The donkey ran into the forest and met a woodman. The animal helped the woodman to pull trees. The man was happy but the donkey had to realize a second mission. The donkey walked and he was near a lake when he heard "help me ". He saw a young boy in the lake and he understood he was in danger, so he jumped into the lake in order to save him. The young boy was so happy that he kissed the donkey. The spell was broken : the two missions were accomplished. The animal became a young girl, the young boy was a prince and they fell in love. They lived happily ever after.

Léa Dugand


Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time, there was a princess, she had beautiful brown hair and wonderful brown eyes, but she lacked self-confidence. Her name was Serena. She was in love with a beautiful prince, but the prince didn’t know her, so he was in love with an other princess who had blond hair and blue eyes. Her name was Whitney and the prince’s name was Nate. Serena lived in a castle in California, Whitney lived in a huge castle in Texas and Nate lived in a castle in Alabama.

The king (Nate’s father) needed a wife for his second son, (Nate’s brother), Harry. So he organized beauty contest where all the princesses of the country had to go. Serena practised every day to be glowing at the contest to impress Nate (Not Harry !) Serena’s mother had made a beautiful blue dress for her.

Serena went to the contest. There were beautiful princesses with glowing dresses, and there was Nate and Whitney too ! But Nate fell in love with Serena, and Whitney, very angry, left to her castle. Harry fell in love with a beautifull princess named Jessica. Harry left with Jessica and Nate left with Serena.

They married and they lived happily ever after. ♥

Léa Pellegrin Salanon. 5°A.

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