Voyage Angleterre 2009 : compte-rendus d’élèves

vendredi 19 juin 2009 par Mme GUIGUIZIAN

Voici les compte-rendus rédigés par les élèves sous ma surveillance et avec mon aide uniquement pour corriger les plus grosses fautes de façon à ce qu’ils produisent un anglais compréhensible, sans plus. Les trois élèves restés ici devaient raconter leur ouiquende. Bernard Magnouloux

My journey in England : my family was goodie. The name of woman is Ruby and name of man is Don. All visit was superb, I learnt lots of thing. The city(Lowestoft) was beautiful. The problem was lots of roat. The meal almost similar in France. My favourite day was thursday because I had play the bowling for a first time and I loved. The last night, Maude,Océane and me, we had fear because we saw a friglitening light. Célia Béridot 5C

My trip to Lowestoft I loved the visited in London and my family. They was very very good. The mum call Tracey Paterson and her job is occupy your childs. The place of birth in Lowestoft and your favourite British dish is Macdonald. She has travelling experiences and Hobbie she is not french but hobbie she is arabic.  ?

We arrived in England at 9am, we visited London and at 6H30pm in our host family. My British family name Mandy and Richard HUNTER. They had a children a girl. Her name was Megan, she was 18. The house was a detached house. My bedroom was white. There are television, three beds, a cupboard and two bedside. It was on the ground floor. I shared with Madisson. My host family had two dogs and one cat.I had a very good time in England.The trip good well. Mélaine Bouvier 5°C

We went to London and got there at 9am.We visited Big Ben,the London Eyes,Westminster abbey,Tower Bridge,the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. In the evenig at 6.30pm,we arrived in our my host family. In my host family the woman name Yvonne CHERRY. My British family hadn’t a pet and a children. Our a bedroom was little and from colour cream. I learnt lots words. I discover a jelly of cherry with satsuma. The trip in England got well. Madeline Cornard 5°C

My trip in England it good because : Weset of from Lamastre at 3p.m o’clock by coat.We arrived in England by ferry at 6a.m.We went to London and got there at 9a.m.We visited Big Ben,the LondonEyes,Wesminsterabbey,Tower Bridge and the changing the gurd at Buckingham palace.Went to Lowestoft in afternoon.We meet my fammilie in Lowestoft. Myfamilie is Sue Easter and John Easter.She maked dinner,the dinner it good :is pasta.After dinner we went to bed.The morning Sue maked the toast.We eat the break foud ,it good.After break foud go to scools.Monday afternoongoto pitch and putt.come in famili in 17p.m o’clock.GREG BRUYERE 5C

My week-end got verywell. Saturday morning,I picked the cherry and saturday afternoon, Iwent to a cinema and I looked Pirate the caraïbe. There was many action and the suspense. Sunday morning, I went away play tennis for two o’clock but he was rained so I played one o’clock and I looked a rainbow. Sunday afternoon,I went to a birthday my cousin for his twenty old. He had fulled the present. Elléa Chamblas 5C

We arrived in england by ferry at 6 am we went to London and got there at 9 am we visited Big ben the London Eye Westminster abbey Tower bridge. My family was nice ; I liked visited Framlinghame castle and I loved bowling and shopping but I did’nt like the visit of cambridge.The eat was good.We bed room was very good ; it had a playstation 2, three bed and a wardrobe . Went to the park for play football. Clément Chazal 5C

We arrived to England with coach and ferry. We went and visited London with monuments : London Eye, Tower bridge, Westminster Abbey, Burkingham Palace and the British Museum. We say Gulliver, the sea during the visit of Lowestoft. In the visit of Framlingham castle we went up to the remparts. In Cambridge, we visited the chapel of the King’s College. It is beautiful. Then, my family was very nice and very good. Maude Chevreuil 5C

My trip to England was very good. I had fun ! The shopping in London were very funy and visited the castle and the British Museum was interessing. My family was very nice. This name was Janet Coeates. The house was beautiful. My room was pink. The activity was very good. But I above by playing golf. The ferry is beautiful.  ?

My host family Their nam is Mns Sue Easter, she has not got a nichnane and she is a merchandizer in supermaket. She is always lived in lowetoft. Sue enjoys stecth and has been to USA , French, Italie, New Zealand and several country. She like dancing. FRANCIS CROUZOULOn 5C

My trip of England by MANEVAL Charlène, 5C MY trip got well . All excursion was beautiful . My family was super , generous, extraordinary and great nice, Exempel :t he morning, we eat cereal, toast, orange, milk and she pressing the orange for my. Their name is Mme Marion DEANE and Mr...DEANE.

Recap of my trip to LOWESTOFT (Itia PORTIER) I love booling and golf.My familly it’s love and mum name is Janet. Friday i’m very very happy because go France and I met again my family. I’m sleep in bus next to Charlène MANEVAL and I’m very very fun. We arrived to Lamastre at the 13th JunE.

We set off from Lamastre at 3 p.m o’clock.We arrived in Calais and we crossed the Manche in a ferry, I played vidéo games. We arrived London at 10 p.m, we saw London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbaye and Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. We was eating to pack Lunch in the park.We left London at 2 p.m.We arrived Lowestoft at 6 p.m.Jonathan and me ate chips and pizza in the family. The 3 day, we went in class.The afternoon, I went playing golf. The 4th day, we visited Cambridge, we saw King’s Collège and I bought a vidéo games The 5 day, we went in class and we played bowling, and we did shopping. The 6 and 7 day,we visited British Museum, we setoft of Lamastre and we arrived at 11 p.m. Simon Rico, 5C

2nd pupil : Jonathan The for day, we go to the

my family in england was very nice I loved all the visite I liked the group were i was My favorite activity was the shopping The dinner was very delicious Regis and me we had good laughed in the park who was at 100 from our house Enzo Fillon

friday was my birthday and I very very laughed. I had invited clement rémi régis enzo nathan hevan … we ride bike we ate cake was very very delicious. Everything the invited went was 18 time. Antoine Rostaind

My famyly lived in the Lowestoft.The woman name was Maureen and her nickname was Mo.Her job was vendor,her place of birth was Lowestoft.She had lots of travelling experience(Tunisia,India,...).Her favorite hobbies was singing. She worked in the house for her job. In her garden, she had fifty fish, thirty parrots and flogs.She had lots of flowers.Before she had hundred and thirty animals.I held a parrots in my fing. My bedroom was on the first floor,it colors was yellow and white and the furniture was a table, a bed, a chair, a wardrobe and a bedside table. Nathan Cros

Monday morning I went to school and I had John like teacher. Monday afternoon I had golf and my counselor is Clement and he was very nice.I was with Clement Chazal,Itia and Sabrina,it was very funny. My familly was nice.They had one dog,his name is Hammers.the kitchen is very small ,the living-room is tall,the bathroom is small and my bedroom is tall .They’re name is Sarah and David. Her job was sold furniture.His place of birth was London. My bedroom was on first floor,it collors was white,the furniture was a table,a wardrobe,a bed and bedside table. Régis Soubeyrand

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