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Short Story - par beroudp le 02/05/2017 - 16:56

Parler anglais c'est nécessaire.
L'écrire, c'est impressionnant.
Célia Gouny: un talent à découvrir.

Good News !!

Jason was waiting in his toyshop. There were some children inside, looking at his creation with stars in their eyes. Cute, but he didn’t like them. Sometimes, he was wondering what would happen if he was a father. As he wasn’t in this situation, he didn’t really know how to react, but everytime he felt...really happy. Strange for a man who didn’t like children.
He smiled when a little girl about seven came to him to buy an Italian doll. She was with her sister, a girl about twenty who was looking tired but happy to be here. Both of them went out of the shop after saying a « goodbye » to the Toymaker.
The latter finally sighed and went to close the door, and the shop at the same time.
At that moment,when it was about, a girl gently pushed the door and came in. She was tall, with long brown hair, wearing a black jacket and black jeans.
Jason lovely smiled at her and, after closing the door, hugged her. He looked her in her beautifful eyes : they were green, like glowing in the dark. She gently smilled at him, but he could see that she was overexited ; he was able to feel it.

« _What happened ? You find a cat on the side² of the road and brought it back home ? he asked, laughing a bit.
_No ! I have wonderfull news !
She was looking so happy that he began to smile too.
_And ? What is it ?

The woman sighed and...looked a bit lost, like if it wasn’t such a good news after all. She looked at him in his eyes and whispered something that he didn’t understand.

_What ?
_I...I’m pregant... »

She began to play with her fingers, waiting for an answer from him. Well...not an answer, just a sign that he was happy or something.
Happy ? Sure he was ; a giant monster of happiness was growing inside of him, a little thing just waiting to explose. That was the first thing he felt. The second one was the ground.
He’d passed out from shock.

Célia Gouny

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