Visite des Nations Unies et du Musée de la Croix Rouge (6i et 5i)

On the second of May we visited United Nations headquarters and the Red Cross Museum in Geneva.

The United Nations headquarters is the second biggest office they have after the one in New York. 2.000 people work in Geneva. There are 40 meetings every day (12.000 every year).

There are two buildings : an old one (built in the 1930s) and a modern one. There are works of art (gifts from member nations) everywhere. The biggest room is the General assembly room where 2.000 people can sit.
In the rooms the 193 (and Vatican) member nations are organized in English alphabetical order and speak the 6 official languages : Arabic, French, Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese.
Their objective is to bring peace in the world.

The Red Cross Museum shows the missions of the Red Cross (created by Henry Dunant in 1863) :

- restoring family links : they connected children with their parents in Rwanda. To enter into this section, we had to walk through chains : they symbolize broken families.

- helping people after natural disasters (hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods). they help nations develop before disasters and after them. We saw a film about how the Red Cross help with epidemics.

- visiting prisoners : The Red cross visit prisons across the world to make sure that international rules are respected. We saw gifts that prisoners made for the Red Cross Visitors.

Written by 5i