The British International Section at George Sand Middle School

Opened in 2008, the British International Section is a bilingual programme within the French education system.

Pupils are taught English through immersion and projects following the British English language and literature curriculums. They also have 2 hours a week of History and Geography taught in English.

The teaching philosophy is active participation in the learning process making the programme accessible, interactive and thought-provoking.

Our experience has given us a good understanding of international / bilingual students, their specific characteristics and needs, thus allowing a better integration in the French school system. We also have a “French as a Foreign Language” (FLE) class.

There is a selection process for this class – pupils must register for the entrance test (lien dossier) which takes place either at the end of May or at the end of August for pupils returning or arriving in France over the summer holidays.

Class English History / Geography

6e (year 7) 8 hours 2 hours
5e (year 8) 7 hours 2 hours
4e (year 9) 7 hours 2 hours
3e (year 10) 7 hours 2 hours

At the end of 3e, the pupils will have 2 English tests (literature and History/Geography) giving them an extra “mention” on the “brevet” (equivalent to GCSE).

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