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Halloween Riddles by 6eC and 6eD

Halloween Riddles by 6eD
Let see if you can guess who these Halloween creatures are.....
I come from tomb, I wake up in the night, I’m spooky Who am I ?
By Zacharie 6eD
I am scary. I say BOOUUH !!! I live in haunted houses Who am I ??
by Corentin 6eD
I like children I like to spoil fun fair I have an axe or a hammer I like to massacre Who am I ?
I live in a lake I like tourists I live in Lochness Who am I ? By Tao 6eD
I am transparent I can go across the (...)

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Our American Assistant

Let me present you our American Assistant who is going to spend the whole year working with us in Revesz-long but also in Armorin Highschool.
Some 6e asked her lots of questions , so now we know a lot about her.
Her name is Tereza. Her nickname is Cecily.
She is American. She comes from Richmond, Virginia, USA.
She is 22 years old.
She has a big family. Indeed she has thirty cousins ! Her mum is Czech and her dad is American. She has two sisters, Andy and Gaby, and one brother, (...)

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Voici toute une série d’exercices pour revoir le vocabulaire de l’école, des affaires scolaires mais aussi les phrases à dire en anglais pendant les cours.
Les exercices sont classés du niveau le plus simple au niveau le plus compliqué. Le niveau de difficulté est indiqué par les repères du cadre européen des langues : A1 (niveau débutant) A2 (niveau intermédiaire) A2+ et B1 (niveaux plus difficiles.)
A1 (6e) classroom english verbs exercices audio (...)

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