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Thanksgiving riddles

Let see if you can find the answers to these riddles about Thanksgiving.

Is it a Pilgrim ? an Indian ? a scarecrow ? a Turkey ? the famous Mayflower ship ? a football player ?...

Voici des devinettes à propose de Thanksgiving. Voyons voir si vous trouverez la bonne réponse.

I am scary for the birds
I have a hat
I protect fields and gardens
Who am I ?
By Djilanne

I can fly
I am a bird
I live in the farm
I am symbol of Thanksgiving
Who am I ?
By Robin

I have a black hat
I’ve sailed the Mayflower
I come from England
Who am I ?
By Lyla

I’m a symbol of thanksgiving
People eat me
People roast me
Who am I ?
By Gabin

I have feathers
People eat me
I am the symbol of Thanksgiving.
I have two legs
Who am I ?
By Tom

I’m on TV On thanksgiving
I play with a ball
Who am I ?
By Oranne

I live in gardens
I have a hat
I have clothes
I am scary for birds
Who am I ?
By Juliette

I’m supposed to scare the crows
I have old clothes
I have a big hat
I am padded with hay
Who am I ?
By Déclan

I can fish
I can hunt
I live in the United States
I help pilgrims
Who am I ?
By Clara

I like to fish and hunt
I don’t have a hat
I have feathers on my head
Who am I ?
By Manyl

I have feathers in the hair
Who am I ?
By Loan

I hunt and fish
I’m American
I have a feather hat
Who am I ?
By Florin

I like to hunt and fish
I live in a tipi
Who am I ?
By Tomas

I scare the birds
I am often in the garden
Who am I ?
By Roman

I can go on the water
The Pilgrims sailed me in 1620
What am I ?
By Margo and Mrs Luthereau

Answers here :

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Thanksgiving riddles by 6eG answers

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