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Finn McCool and The Giant’s Causeway

Drama performance in English Class !

Last Wednesday, 6eB pupils performed the theatre play they had written on the legend of Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway.

Mercredi dernier les élèves de 6eB ont interprété les pièces de théâtre qu’ils avaient eux-même écrites sur la légende de Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway.

The Giant’s Causeway ou la Chaussée des Géants est un magnifique site naturel que l’on peut admirer sur la côte Nord de l’Irlande du Nord. La légende raconte qu’elle aurait été l’œuvre d’un géant irlandais, Finn McCool qui voulait rejoindre l’Écosse pour aller combattre son ennemi, Benandonner... très fort mais pas très malin l’histoire aurait pu mal finir pour Finn, mais heureusement sa femme, Oonagh, réussit à lui sauver la mise grâce à son intelligence et sa ruse....

Here is one of the play written by the pupils.
Voici un des texte écrit par les élèves.

The legend of Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway

A theatre play written by Eva, Anna, Méline and Loïc

Narrator  : Today we are in Northern Ireland with Finn McCool. Benandonner lives on the Scottish coast. They are enemies. Benandonner and Finn shout insults.
Benandonner : You are stupid !
Finn McCool : I’m not stupid ! You are the smallest giant in the world. I am the tallest !
Benandonner : Yourself !
Finn McCool : I am the strongest !
Benandonner  : No, it’s me and you are …ugly !
Narrator  : One day, Benandonner is very angry and he shouts
Benandonner  : Come over here and fight me you idiot !
Finn McCool : I come, you stupid man !
Narrator  : Finn takes large pieces of rocks and throws them into the sea for seven days and nights. He makes a path but…
Finn McCool : I’m very tired ! I can’t fight ! Help ! Oonagh !
Narrator : Oonagh is Finn’s wife and she is the most intelligent.
Oonagh : wait !
Narrator : Finn and Oonagh have a baby.
Oonagh (goes to her mother’s) : Can you look after the baby, mum ?
(Oonagh comes back home)
Finn McCool : You have a plan ?
Oonagh : Yes, quick ! Get into the baby’s cot, when you hear « ouch » cry like a baby !
Narrator  : Oonagh bakes some cakes. And she takes three flat stones in the garden, the size and shape of cakes.
Benandonner : Is it Finn’s cottage ?
Oonagh : It is my dear man.
Benandonner : I want to see him.
Oonagh : Oh, he isn’t at home but please, come in !
Benandonner : Oh !It smells nice !
Oonagh : Yes, I make some cakes. Come in !
Narrator : She gives him a flat stone and take a cake for herself ; and Benandonner bites inside the stone.
Benandonner : Ouch ! You can eat that !
Finn McCool : (crying) ouin, ouin, ouin !
Oonagh : Oh it is the baby !
Benandonner : (Looking at Finn in the baby’s cot) It is a very very big baby !
Narrator  : Benandonner is terrified and he runs back home very fast !
Finn McCool : thank you my darling !

Here’s Léa’s drawing to illustrate the legend.

And here are the photos of the 6eC who performed as well their theatre plays on the legend of Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway.

Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway

By Faustine, Jody-Lynn, Camille, Maëlys and Emma

Narrator : There are two giants.
(The two giants come on stage)
Benandonner : I am Benandonner.
Finn McCool : I am Finn McCool.
Narrator : Finn lives in Northern Ireland and Benandonner lives across the sea in Scotland.
(The two giants look at each other, standing on chairs)
Finn McCool : I’m the strongest giant in the world and you, you are the tiniest.
Benandonner : It’s wrong. It’s me the strongest and I’m the most intelligent and you, you are stupid !
Narrator : The two giants are very strong but they are very stupid.
(the two giants continue to shout insults)
Benandonner : If your are the strongest, come and fight me !
Finn McCool : Don’t move, I’m coming soon to smash your head.
Narrator : These giants are crazy !!! Finn takes big rocks and throw them into the sea to make a path for seven days and seven nights.
(Finn sitting on the ground)
Finn McCool : I’m very very tired so I don’t want to fight anymore.
Benandonner (very angry) : I’m coming !
Narrator : Finn is tired and scared so, he comes back home.
Finn McCool : Oonagh, help me !
Narrator : Oonagh is Finn’s wife and she is very intelligent.
Oonagh : Why, What’s happening ?
Finn McCool : Benandonner is coming to fight.
Oonagh : I have a plan ! Finn get into the baby’s cot.
(Finn lies in the baby’s cot)
Narrator : Oonagh goes to her mother’s.
Oonagh : Can you look after my baby ?
Narrator : Oonagh comes back home. Finn is in the baby’scot.
Oonagh : When you hear “ouch” cry like a baby.
Narrator : Oonagh makes cakes. She pick up three stones in the garden. Benandonner arrives and shouts.
Benandonner : Is Finn McCool here ? I want to see him !!!
Oonagh : My husband is not at home, he will be back soon.
Narrator : Oonagh makes Benandonner come in the home.
Benandonner : It smells nice !
Narrator : Oonagh gives Benandonner a stone.
Oonagh : Take and eat it !
Benandonner : Ouch ! This Finn must be a strong man if he can eat it !
Finn McCool : ouin, ouin….
Narrator : Benandonner stands up and looks at the baby’s cot.
Benandonner : Oh my god ! What’s a huge baby ! The father must be very very big.
Narrator : Benandonner runs away.
(Finn gets out of the baby cot)
Finn McCool : You are the most intelligent wife of the world !
Oonagh : next time, you will be less stupid !

One more time, that was a pleasure to work with these very talented pupils !

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