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legendary creatures by 6eC

Let’s discover these fantastic creatures invented and illustrated by the pupils of 6eC.

They’re so diverse and so bio-tiful.... another way of celebrating biodiversity !

He has hooves. He has a brown tail and he has brown hairs. He has small pointed ears. He has black or brown hair. He is medium-sized. His good habit is the fight and his bad habit is he gets angry too often. His super power is that he can run fast and make incredible jumps. He lives on the island of Plismentia and he is omnivorous.
(by Lana)

He has a long tail. He has a yellowish skin. He is half-man, half-animal. He empties the blood of animal. He lives in a cave in mountains. He can fly. His super power is to take the power of others. He has pointed ears. He has blue eyes. he has pointed teeth. He has pointed wings.
(by Talia)


Cow-girl is half-human, half-cow. It has a human’s headwith glasses for her sight and a cow’s body. It has a good habit : it eats grass and makes poop to repel predators. It has a bad habit : in case of great hunger she starts to eat humans preferably Americans. It can wave its bell to make humans deaf. It lives in the farm.
(by Titouan)

Destroy Man
My imaginary animal has three heads. He spits out fire. He is big and strong. My monster scares people. The face is human, the body is dragon. He lives in Canada. He doesn’t fly. He destroys everything. His name is Destroy Man.
(by Benjamin)

She is tall. She has a cat’s head and a lady’s body. She has two pointed ears, a small nose, blue wings, hands with claws and a brown tail. She wears a grey t-shirt with brown stripes, black trousers, grey and black shoes. She lives at night and during the daytime. She saves the cats in danger. And she transforms 10 humans per hour into cats. There will be no more humans in the world. She lives everywhere in the world. Her name is Fajica.
(by Jenny)

My creature is a human-skunk-fish-lion. It is majestic. It controls anger. It has a lion’s and fish’s tail. It smells bad because it has a skunk’s smell. It sleeps all the time except one hour in the night. It is very intelligent because it has human’s intelligence. It’s very nice. But when it’s angry it creates storms. It lives either in the Amazonian caves or in the volcanoes of Italy. It is called like me, Elyas.
(by Elyas)

This creature is very strange. She is a unicorn with only one leg and Gilbert Montagner’s head. What can she do ? Nothing but sing ! She wanders under the sunlights of Tropics and moves with her leg. She is purple or pink. She makes rainbow poop.
(by Lou)

They have humans’ arms and humans’ legs. They have a heart-shaped body. They are red and their wings are white. They have vampire’s teeth. They live in your home, in the attic, in the cellar. They fly very fast so we can’t see them. They are very generous and they give a lot of presents, especially to humans. But don’t make them angry, they are also thieves.
(by Marouchka)

He can neigh like a horse. He can sing, dance. At night he is a man but during the day he is a horse-man. There are only 124 horsemen in the world but they cannot reproduce. They are called donation. They are found in garbage cans next to nightclubs or in the nightclubs. He speaks French. He eats only vodka and he drinks butterflies. He goes to muscular room. His record is 105 kilos. He has huge biceps.
(by Ruben)


I introduce you Hommarinphant !!!! It has two legs and two arms. It has a marine animal’s body and an elephant’s head. But it walks only on its feet. It measures about 5 centimeters.
It lives in every place of the world. It can fly with its ears. It can swim with its tail. It can throw with its hands. It likes to eat ibiscus and dirt so you can kidnap it to make dust at home. But don’t kidnap it because it is wild and it can eat your food.
(By Jeanne M.)

He’s a human wizard with a wolf’s head. He has got a white tail. He lives in a big house in the middle of the forest. In the day he lives like a human and at night like a wolf. He hunts and runs in the forest with other humolves. He can see in the dark. He is very strong and he has a good smell.
(by Emma)

He is not big and not small. He has a horse’s head. He has red hair. he has two blue eyes. he has a muzzle. He has his mouth open and we can see he has pointed teeth. He has tentacles. He can fly and swim. He can eat monsters bigger than him. He has brown fur. He has a yellow body. He goes to school from Monday to Friday. He lives in the sea.
(by Nausica)

Her name is Lamone. The lamone is a creature that lives in groups in caves away from predators. They live away from other animals too because they do not want to be disturbed, but if by bad luck they are, they spit out venom at them. This is their super power. They inherited that from their ancestors Lamouna.
Their habits : The lamones often bathe in quiet water near their habitat. They mostly feed on insects and fruits but they can become carnivorous on full moon nights.
They are very beautiful. They are rather large with a long neck. They are also very hairy and dressed like cavemen. Their skin is beige but some have brown or white spots and even sometimes black spots.
(by Elisa)

My legendary creature is a rabbit with human’s arms and human’s legs and blue butterfly’s wings. My legendary creature steals carrot in the kitchen and he gives his rabbit babies (normal rabbits) to inhabitants in the village. His super power is to make move objects with his eyes. he lives in the forest.
(by Maëylis)

My creature
It’s a half-man half-royal eagle creature. It has black legs and a human’s bust. It has hooked legs instead of feet and claws instead of nails. It has a tail. It has wings insteaf of arms. It has a head of eagle with a yellow and hooked beak. Its feathers are brown and golden.
It lives on the “3 Becs Mountain”. Thanks to its wings, it can fly over Vercors and thanks to its legs, it walks quickly on the Mountain paths. It has a sharp vision. It’s fast and agile.
It’s a very good hunter ; it hunts small mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. It’s very important for the ecosystem.
But the sheperds do not like it because it likes hunting lambs. It can also attack cats. People are afraid of ot because of its strange appearance, half-man and half-royal eagle.
(by Noah)

It is a little boy. It has a little round nose, green eyes. It doesn’t have hair. It has only three fingers with long claws. It has a horn on the head. It lives in forest ; it cleans the forest. Its clothes are ragged and are black. It can run very fast and teleport himself. It is half-rhino and half-man. It is rhinoman.
(by Mattéo)

It’s never happy. Its black tee-shirt does not make him more cheerful and his torn blue ragged trousers, do not speak of it ! It has big blue wings and it has long brown pointed ears. The Pipoule has a beautiful orange hat and pink red gloves, but what can it have under its hat ? It hides three wishes, but to have them you must make him joyful. When it sees a human, it sings a melody. So you must laugh or else it kills you. The Pipoule lives in a big bubble of soap. In this bubble it is cold, it for that it has gloves and a black tee-shirt. It used to eat dodos (it is for that the dodos no longer exist in the world).
(by Jeanne L.)

The creature I invented is a snakeman. My snakeman measures eighteen feet. It is made of two parts. The first one, the human part is made of human’s head and chest. It has got green eyes. it has got a longtail with shells, so it looks like a snake. Even if it is very dangerous, my monster isn’t threatening towards children. It only eats adults because they are more fleshy. It lives in sewers, like rats.
(by Clayman)

Super Dog
He doesn’t have a neck. He has a dog’s head and a human’s body. He has black trousers with a grey tee-shirt. He has white shoes. He has a small nose.
His tastes : he likes other animals. He likes children.
Super powers : he can cook. He can draw very fast. He can play with you but when you don’t play with him he gets nasty. He can catch your bad dreams. He lives under your bed.
His habits : when he is nasty, he hides your toys.
He is … Super-Dog !!!
(by Clara)

She has blue eyes. She has curly brown hair. She has a zebra’s belly and Zebra’s legs. She has arms and hands of humans. She has hairs on her zebra body. She has animal’s tail. She has a strong temper. She can kill only if one touches her belly. If one sees it one becomes sick and even dies. But she can be nice if you say her name three times. She lives in South Africa in a log cabin.
(by Camille)

His body is covered with black hair. He is rather wicked. He has sharp teeth. He lives in the great mountains. He is carnivorous. He is human during the day and at night it turns into an animal. He has long pointed sharp claws. He has yellow eyes. he has pointed ears.
(by Selen)

He lives in sea and on earth. He has a lot of dark hairs. He doesn’t wear clothes and shoes. He has two arms, two legs, one mouth and one big eye. He doesn’t have ears. He eats mice’s tails. He can build computers very fast. When he is angry, he farts and the human are asleep because of gas.
(by Clément)

It has a bear’s head. It has a human’s body. It has wings of fire. It has legs of wolves. It has human’s feet. It likes eating babies but it is afraid of adults. It hides in trees when it is afraid. It goes out only at night to go to houses. It likes the other species (except humans). It is scary. It cannot die. It can fly but not very high. It can spit out fire. It lives in the forest. His name is Beafire.
(by Benicio)

It can’t fly. It lives in forest. It has two heads and two arms and two legs. It has the body of animals. It kills the humans and eats them. Its name is Look. It is carnivorous.
(by Gabriel)

Panda mou
It is small, it is red and white. It lives in the forest. It is omnivorous. It catches preys with its long claws. It has two black wings. It has six legs. It has two little green eyes. it has a blue and white tail. It is nocturnal. It uses its eyes like laser to kill humans.
(by Faustine)

Appearance : she has six legs. She is tall. She has an ant’s body. She has one horn of unicorn. She has legs and head of humans. She has wings. She has brown hair. she has green eyes and a black body. Her wings are orange. Her t-shirt is yellow and her shoes are red. And the rest of her body is purple.
Her downsides : she helps the wicked to attack people. She likes to fly over people and then makes poop on them. She does not like fires, coke and steaks.
Her qualities : she is the queen of the unicorns (but it seems not). She loves cotton candy, pop-corn and toffee. She heals ill babies with her magical powers.
Her magical powers : she makes rainbow against pollution. She enters political conflicts to try to solve the problem. She jumps to make shells.
History : one day, in a haunted castle where the Uniforn lived before, a went to venture there, but at that time Uniforn jumped and made a shell.
(by Jody-Lynn)

The Oaf
The Oaf is a wild creature. He has a blue beard and blue hair. he is a giant. He can freeze lava. The Oaf is horrible at night, he can eat sheep and during the day he is beautiful. He likes to eat water ice-cream and he likes to sleep.
(by Sathia)

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