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legendary creatures by 6eB

Let’s discover these fantastic creatures invented by pupils of 6eB....

So diverse, so bio-tiful.... another way to celebrate biodiversity !

Big Smart
It has got a human’s head. It has got long brown hair. it has got a long giraffe’s neck. It has got a grey and big elephant’s body. It has two pink wings. It has got a long blue tail. It is tall and big. It cries to call its family. It can transform tigers into cats. It lives in a big nest. Its name is “big smart”.
(by Méline)

He is tall. He has blue pointed ears. He has cat’s whiskers. He is thin. He has long legs and huge feet. He has a long tail. He lives in a cave. He steals baby cats to eat. He can fly with his tail. He has a blue sweater and red trousers. He has no shoes.
(by Loan)

Demon of the minerals
Its name is Demon of the minerals. It’s covered with a mineral armor. It is a mixture of all dangerous animals and knights and kings but we do not see the animals. It has red skin. It has big horns and sharp claws. It kills people who want to touch and steal the minerals. It is very very large and powerful. It invokes skeletons to show his face and touch or steal minerals. He arrives and kills you. If you try to flee you will die in any case. It lives in a castle covered with lava.
(by Léontin)

It has a green head of crocodileand it wears a borwn hat. It has a long yellow neck. It has tall legs and it wears trousers. It has socks and black shoes and it runs fast. It has a small orange bird’s tail. It sleeps in the water. It eats human’s babies.
(by Corentin)

Female goat
She is half woman, half goat. She has the body of a woman. She has the horns of a goat and tail of a goat. She has the brown nails of a goat. She has the ears of a goat, the small red eyes of a goat.
She is a goat with clothes : she has a white tee-shirt, a jacket with a hood. Her hood has two holes for the horns. She has black and white shorts. She has small brown boots.
She can change her head.
She kills humans, she eats humans. She wants to save the other goats.
She lives in a valley far away from humans.
(by Estelle)

She has long rainbow hair.
She is very small with blue eyes and two ears.
She has a long golden dress.
She has a horn on the head.
She can give colors to everybody and everything.
She has a horn on the hand.
She lives in a very small castle.
She is a fairy and a unicorn.
She has two wings.
(by Jade)

It has two legs and two arms. It has three eyes and it doesn’t have a nose. It can fly and teleport himself. It has two pointed ears. It has a green hat, a green shirt, green arms, green legs…. It doesn’t have hair. It has two green wings. It is small. It builds trees. It can run fast but cannot swim in the water. It likes to steal gold. It has a lot of gold. It has a mouth and teeth.
(by Alexis)

My monster lives in a very dirty palace.
My monster can turn into everything he wants.
My monster is very skinny and all green.
My monster has tentacles instead of hands and feet.
( by Lalie)

She is tall, she has blond hair with a brown mane. She has a woman’s bust and a lion’s body, and human’s feet. Then she has a pink dress and lipstick. She is a mixture of lion and human. She is kind with lions and children. She eats human grown-ups. But she plays with children and lions. She roars and can stops time. She lives in Africa, in Savanna.
(by Aurélina)

It lives in London, United Kingdom. It is 1.78 meter tall. It has brown eyes. It has black hair.
It can run fast. It has a human’s head. It has a lion’s body.
It helps people but sometimes it hides people’s money.
(by Louis)

It has white and pink horns like a unicorn. It has two human’s heads. It has a yellow and brown giraffe’s neck. It has a grey elephant’s body. It has a green crocodile’s tail. It breaks fragile objects when it walks by. It can fly. It lives in caves.
(by Théo)

It has two wings but it can’t fly. It has an orange beak.
It has big blue eyes, it has long legs and small orange feet.
It has a big body. It eats fish and insects.
It likes to make fun of others but after he apologizes.
It has the power to read your thoughts. It lives in an igloo.
(by Eva)

She is a rabbit, her name is Rabbemme. Rabbemme is nice because she gives hugs to people but she is also bad, because….
When she is angry she becomes a giant. She lives on a special mountain. People can’t come on it. She lives in a big building where she hides all the children she eats. And she has sharp teeth like a vampire.
(by Léonie)

He has a rabbit’s head and a man’s body. His fur is all white. He has very sharp and pointed teeth. He has red eyes. He wears a ragged shirt and ragged trousers. He is 2 meters tall. When people do not celebrate Easter he kills them during their sleep. When he touches objects, he can take their color, like a cameleon.
(by Thomas)

Rabbit woman
It has two long grey and pink ears. It has the ears of a rabbit. It has grey skin. It lives in the forest. It is wild. It can jump very fast. It steals carrots. It helps the old people. It has a black and pink dress and black shoes.
(by Anna)

My legendary creature is a wolf with a human body. He lives in a forest. He appears at night and he eats humans. He often appears when the moon is full. He has large claws and a very good sense of smell. He can see very well at night and he is very strong. He can’t fly. His name is Rolly. He doesn’t have clothes.
(by Diego)

It runs fast. It has a horse’s body and a human’s head. It has four long legs. It has a small head. It is brown and pink. It lives in caves. It eats animals.
(by Yann)

The Sharktrac
It has sharp teeth. It has long ears. It has two arms. It has an orange tail. It has long legs. It has big feet.
It sleeps in the water with its eyes open. It eats fish. It can swim and it can walk. It lives everywhere in the world. It is dangerous. It makes tsunamis.
(by Veykho)

The Bird arrow
It has a thin, tall and rectangular green body. It has four blue wings and three black legs. It has a triangular orange head. It has one black eye. It is half-human and half-animal. Its power is to fly very fast. It lives in the forest. It is polite but when we want to catch it, it can be prickly like a hedgehog.
(by Loïc)

The captur Driseve
It is half-crow, half-girl. It has feathers on its cheeks. It captures children at night. It can fly and turn into a crow. It lives in an old school. It has a short black dress.
(by Thaïs)

The Gargoyle
It is giant. It has long arms and long legs. It has pointed ears. It has four arms and it has three fingers. It has two big wings on the back. It has short black hair. It is blue and grey. It lives in the caves. It is joyful. It likes to eat cows and sheep. It likes humans.
(by Elias)

It is a man with old shoes and a green jacket. It has pointed ears, very small eyes and big hands. It has two white horns, four feet and a long bottom. It has a big nose and two teeth. It has a dark beard. It is a angry person because it has no food to eat. It loves to eat boys and girls. It lives in the forest. It walks slowly with a stick. It dreams to be very rich. Its house is in one tree. It is a man who loves animals and doesn’t want to live with persons. It has a magic stick. It can make gold coins with stones and it can fly and throw very big rocks far away.
(by Zoe)

Vampi Cat
It has long teeth and very long claws on the hands and feet. It has wings so it can fly. It has cat’s ears and cat’s mustache. It has freckles. It eats mice and drinks blood. It lives in trees and also lives underground. It walks at night thanks to its cat’s eyes. It has a multicolor dress. It is small. It has a black necklace. It has one pink eye and one blue eye. It doesn’t have hair.
(By Léa)

White Centaur
It has the four legs, the hips, the buttocks, the croup and the tail of a horse.
It has the chest and head of humans.
It has a T-shirt.
It can fly with its legs. Its good habit is to protect people but it has a bad habit : it takes people’s land.
It lives underground most of time.
It has long black hair.
The colour of its hips, buttocks, croup and thighs is brown.
Its legs are brown and white.
Its tail is white.
Its head is beige.
There is one centaur on its T-shirt.
(by Ilona)

Have a look at their illustrations too !

PDF - 2.4 Mo

Vendredi 5 mai les élèves de 6eB ont eu la bonne suprise de voir leurs textes illustrés par les élèves de CM1-CM2 de l’école de Saou. Leur enseignante Martine Guillerme a en effet apporté ces illustrations lors de la visite du collège par ses élèves. Les voici !

PDF - 3.4 Mo

A big THANK YOU to them !