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Halloween riddles by 6eB

Here are some Halloween ridlles written by the 6eB. Let’s see if you can solve them too.

Voici maintenant les devinettes sur Halloween écrites par les 6eB, voyons si vous arrivez à les résoudre aussi.

All the children adore me.
I am sugar.
I am colored.
I can have the taste strawberry, raspberry…
What am I ?
By Thaïs

I’m an animal.
I’m black.
I can fly.
What am I ?

By Veykko.

I’m very old.
People can watch me in Egypt.
I am the house of mummies.
What am I ?
By Thomas.

I’m black.
I’m a pet.
I like to eat mice.
I bring bad luck.
What am I ?
By Estelle

I live in a garden.
My favourite colour is orange.
You can eat me.
What am I ?
By Loan

I have four eyes.
I have eleven mouths.
I have five arms.
Who am I ?
By Jade

I live everywhere.
I produce cobwebs.
I can trap insects in my webs and eat them.
What am I ?
By Yann

I live on a boat.
I have a red headband.
I have a cutlass.
I wear a black tricorn.
Who am I ?
By Corentin.

I live in cobwebs.
My favourite colour is white.
I have 8 legs.
What am I ?
By Louis

I’m black.
I have eight legs.
I make a cobweb.
What am I ?
By Anna

I have a sword.
I navigate on a boat.
I have an eye patch.
Who am I ?
By Eva

I’m white.
I fly.
I have no body.
Who am I ?
By Léa.

I live in a cemetery.
I come out at night.
I live in a tomb.
Who am I ?
By Aurélina

I have a broom.
I have a crooked nose.
My broom is magic.
I live in a haunted house.
Who am I ?
By Alexis.

Its fur is black.
It is the favourite animal of witches.
What is it ?
By Loïc

I grow in the vegetable garden.
You use me as a lantern.
My favourite colour is orange.
What am I ?
By Léontin

My favourite colour is orange.
My eyes and my mouth are like pyramids.
I have a candle inside me.
I live in autumn.
What am I ?

I am black
I live in a cave.
I fly in the dark night.
I have two red eyes and two long wings.
What am I ?
By Zoe

I live in a cobweb
I have eight legs.
I am a symbol of a super hero.
What am I ?

By Méline

I’m hairy
I have eight legs
I have two fangs
I have two red eyes
What am I ?

By Ilona

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6eB riddles answers

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