A day with Chaplin !

(actualisé le ) par CAUL-FUTY, DROGUET, F. MIERMON, HUMBERT A.-F.

On April 3rd, the students from 3e4 and 5e3 spent a day in Chaplin’s World which is a museum dedicated to the famous actor.

They discovered the first building named the Studio where you can see some scenes of Chaplin’s films like The Kid, The Great Dictator... The next place concerns the house where Charlie Chaplin had lived with his wife Oona and their children for 25 years as he had to leave the United-States. There is also a beautiful park from where you have an awesome view over the lake.

After this special day, the students had to complete a file to recap what they had seen and learnt. This work could be used for the oral of the exam "Brevet des Collèges" at the end of the year.

It is obvious that this day was enriching !

Students’ reactions :

. Amina : "Je suis trop contente d’aller visiter ce musée !"

. Clara : "J’ai tout aimé."

. Emma : "La visite en anglais était un peu difficile."

. Tyron : " Sa maison était trop belle."