Our Friends from Finland are coming soon

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Our trip to Finland in October 2015
First of all, we met each other at the airport and we left Geneva at 12:30, after a stop in Stockholm, we arrived at Helsinki airport. When we just landed, the Finnish people welcomed us very warmly. And we had and official reception at their school where we ate. They sang a relaxing song.
The day after, we have learnt how to bake Finnish pastries and it was delicious !! Then, we visited Helsinki by bus, after that we went bowling and we ate a hamburger at 4 pm, it was strange… but we had loads of fun !
On Saturday, we took the boat to Suomenlina Island, we visited it and we saw the beautiful landscape. Then, we did some shopping with our friends, it was soooo cool !!
The next day, we went to the forest where we hiked but before we ate fried sausages by a camp fire, so goood… After, we went into a sauna and we ran to jump into the lake. It was cold but very funny !!
On Monday, we went to school and it was interesting to discover how a lesson is given in Finland. In the afternoon, we spent time with our host families.
On Tuesday, we visited a museum of modern art. Then, we went and visited Rovio Entertainement which is the firm of « ANGRY BIRD ». It was very interesting and we were like princesses and princes. In the evening, we had The Disco all together.
The next day, we had a sport lesson and a lot of fun together. During the afternoon, we visited The Fazer chocolate factory and we had the opportunity to taste all the chocolates. It was soooooooo gooooood !!!
For the last day, we spent the morning with our host families for the last time. We left Helsinki in a sad way at 15 :55pm.
Théo Gaziello, Romain Loumé, Charlotte Roy and Margot Simondetto from the 3e Euro Section
The awesome time we spent with our Finnish families
Hello everyone, 
Today we are going to speak about our feelings relative to our week with the Finnish families we spent from October 1st to 8th, 2015. 
The first thing that we want to say is that the Finnish people we met were nice and amazing.
When we arrived at the airport, our penfriends and their families were waiting for us with signs welcoming us. We thought it was pleasant and we were very surprised.
When we met each other, we got emotions. It was a pleasure to meet them after waiting for months.
After that, we went into their school in Tapiola. Their teacher gave a speech and the Finnish students sang a Finnish traditional song. They prepared a very tasty meal composed of salads, pasta and meat.
Then, we went to the host families’ houses. We spoke a bit and then we went to sleep because we were very tired !
The next day, for breakfast, our penfriends’ mothers prepared us some bread (black bread) with ham. We drank some liquid yogurt (a bit strange for us but it was good).
The family was good fun. They were always joking ! The father did two BBQs with deer.
During all the week, their parents were polite, gentle and caring with us.
They were listening to us all the time, like for example they were always asking if we wanted something else...(food...). They took care of us as if we had been in their families forever !
Moreover, we learnt a lot of things about Finland ! Being with the families was an unforgettable experience !
To conclude, we were hosted by some very nice people and we deeply thank them for what they did for us !
 Dilay Bayat, Clémence Chirat, Lena Izzo, Louis Messein-Carrard, Rémi Oddon and Sarah Sabatier from the 3e Euro Class
Our programme in France with our Finnish friends
After six months of pain and a long period of wait, the D-day is coming ! One week of adventure is waiting for us. It will be composed of visits and special moments spent together like the United-Nations in Geneva or a treasure hunt in Annecy (it consists of collecting some clues to find a treasure at the end). It is a funny way to discover a beautiful town.
Our Finnish friends will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the landscapes of our region when going to Chamonix.
Moreover, we will have fun together at the disco with plenty of music, dance and food. Finally, we will enjoy ourselves in the swimming-pool of Vitam sport centre.
Dialogue :

- Hi !

- Moi !

- We have planned the activities that you are going to do !

- Oh great ! What are they ?

- Emm... I don’t think it’s gonna be as great as your activities but...

- I’m sure that it’s gonna be awesome !

- Thanks. So during the week we are going to bake cakes and then we have some little surprises. We are going to Thônes to see a cheese factory. Furthermore, we are going to the lake to have a break. During one day, you are going to stay with your penfriend’s families. After we are going to Geneva to take a boat, to get on the touristic train and discover the old city and then you are going to leave France.

- With sadness !
Emma Alfaya, Alexandre Galicher, Ali Lavassani, Jessie Ramos and Maxime Renard from the 3e Euro section

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