Par : Eleve
Publié : 11 octobre 2009

Daniel Rusthoven

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Daniel Rusthoven is Canadian. His nickname is Dan. His surname is Dutch. He’s 1m92. That’s really high ! . He adores sea food and Chinese food . He is 23 years old and he has got two older brothers (26 and 29 years old) . He can’t stand Thailand food . He was born in Toronto (Ontario) in Canada and he lives in Hamilton next to Ottawa. I have always dreamed of living in Canada . He is good-looking and he looks like an American football player without the protections . His favourite actress is Megan Fox she is very sexy ! His favourite movie is "Snach" . He was born in 1986 . He hasn’t got any pets . His hobbies are : surfing and playing soccer . He studies political sciences . His zodiac sign is Aries . He speaks English and little bit French . He hasn’t got a girlfriend in France.

Written by Julie Bordon 4A section européenne