Par : Eleve
Publié : 20 octobre 2008

The Council of Europe

The Council of the European Union

The ministers of the Member States meet within the Council of the European Union.

Depending on the issue on the agenda, each country will be represented by the minister responsible for that subject (foreign affairs, finance, social affairs, transport, agriculture, etc.).

The Council is responsible for decision-making and co-ordination
The total of votes are 345, the total French votes are 29 and the country which has the less votes is Malta (3)

The president of the European union is N.SARKOZY for six months and next, the Czech Republic will hold presidency.

The meetings of the European Council usually take place in Brussels, in the Justus Lipsius building.

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The next European Council meeting on 15 and 16 October under French Presidency will be held at the Council’ Justus Lipsius building, 175 rue de la Loi, Brussels.

By : Zanoni Chloé and Jurkowski Maël