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Publié : 21 mai 2008

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

He was born in 1921 in Greece.. He is 86 years old. His father’s name is Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. His mother’s name is Princess Alice of Battenberg.

He is military.

He is married with Queen Elisabeth II since 20 November 1947.

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Elisabeth and PHilip
look !!

They have got four children : Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince adrew, Prince Edward. Reportedly, the Duke is very close to his eight grandchildren.

Prince Philip is old : he is tall. He hasn’t got a lot of hair. He is always elegant with his tie and his costume.

The Duke has his own personal coat of arms.

It was revealed in October 2007 that Prince Philip has been suffering from a heart condition since 1992.He has to take care of his health.

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