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Guess !
Publié le mardi 19 janvier 2010.

1- I am in comics and films. I am very big. I deliver big stones. I’ve got a funny little dog, he is white and black. Who am I ? (By Vincent, 6è6)

2- I am an American woman. I’ve got blond hair. I sing because it’s my job. My first song was ’Poker face’. Who am I ? (By Alix, 6è6)

3- I am an American boy. I’m in your English book. I’ve got a blue coat and grey trousers. I am 11. My school is beautiful. My favorite subject is lunchtime. My friends are nice. Who am I ? (By Michaël, 6è5)

4- I am a French boy. I am 10 years old. I’ve got some money from Russia, The USA, Vietnam etc... I’m small, my teacher is Mrs Bedois, I’m in your class. Who am I ? (By Niels, 6è5)

5- I’m Portuguese, I can play football. I am a famous football player. My team is Real Madrid. I’m sure you have a poster of me in your room. Who am I ? (By Christian, 6è5)

6- I am an American boy. I live in California. I am a famous surfer. I am the youngest and the oldest winner of the World Cup. Who am I ? (By Mathis, 6è5)

7- My job is very important in our school, but I am not your teacher. I haven’t got brown hair and green eyes. But my hair is blond and my eyes are blue. Who am I ? (By Amélie, 6è5)

8- I live in EN4. I have got blond hair and blue eyes. I am strict. Who am I ? (By Julien, 6è5)

9- I’m a man and I am a teacher in Icare. I live in Grenoble, I love History and geography. I’ve got glasses and I am funny. Who am I ? (By Lucile, 6è6)