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My work experience by Laura C.


My name is Laura, I am 14 , I am 3°B , I like listening to music and reading books. I did my work experience with a nurse in Cruas-Baix, her name is Marie-Laure Gauthier. A nurse is someone who does injections, withdraws blood and takes care of sick people.

The best part was when I could do vaccines because I felt useful and the worst part was when I was not allowed to see the patients when the nurse cleaned them because it was boring. I had to write on the blood tubes and they also made me fill in sheets. They didn't let me do blood withdrawals. They let me help make bandages.

Overall, I would recommend it to other students because Marie-Laure and the patients were nice, friendly and welcoming. My work experience was pleasant, positive and informative. I really enjoyed not being at school. My work experience allowed me to meet people and observe new jobs, that's why I would like to become a nurse.


My account of work experience with nurses.

My name is Mathilde, I am 14 and I am in 3°B.

I did my work experience with three nurses (in Cruas) since I like helping and Healing people. My supervisor was BOIRON Liliane. A nurse is someone whose job consists in Healing people.

The nurses were very welcoming, pleasant and the patients were very nice. I was allowed to answer the phone but I was not allowed to do injections. I had to sort out the medicine. The worst part in my experience was to leave people because after one week, you become attached to patients. However, the best part in my experience was going to the patients houses (we can see their hygiene).

Overall, I found my experience very fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. It was very nice and interesting. I would like to become a nurse since I like helping people.


My work experience at a hairdresser’s


My name is Cindy. I am 14 years old. I'm in 3°C.

I did my work experience at a hairdresser’s. My supervisor was Virginie Pouchain. My supervisor was very nice and her employee, too.


They let me do the shampoos for the customers. However, I was not allowed to cut hair and cash money. But they made me clean the shelves and the washbasins. I would like to become a hairdresser.

Because I think it is a creative job and I really enjoyed doing manual work and speaking with the customers !


Overall, my work experience was very pleasant !

I would recommend my work placement to everyone; I really enjoyed it !


Work experience

Introduction :

My name is Tiffany, I’m fourteen years old, I’m in year 3°. I love helping, defending people that’s why I would like to become a lawyer, but I’m not sure.

I did my work experience in a restaurant because I like the world of catering. Laurent and Claire were my supervisors. Laurent is the cook, it’s a person who prepares meals for customers and Claire is the waitress, it’s somebody whose occupation consists in serving the different dishes to customers.

Activities /Tasks :

Laurent showed me the receipts, he let me cook with him ( prepare meals ) and he let me wait at tables. However I had do housework every morning. I preferred waiting because I could see the customers, there was contact with customers, while in cooking you can’t see the customers.

Personal conclusion :

I liked this work experience, it was amazing and interesting because I did a variety of tasks. Laurent and Claire were helpful, cheerful and welcoming. I was sometimes surprised by the customers' rudeness. I also liked it because I didn’t have to go to school, it’s good to change habits, to see the world of work. I would really recommend this work experience.



My name is Elise. I'm 14. I'm in 3°A. My fields of interest are sports, maths and French. I would like to become a dentist. I did my work experience with a dental prosthetist.

I chose this experience because I found it interesting. A dental prosthetist is someone who makes dental braces. In the company, I worked with four people (two men and two women). Their names are Aurelie, Catherine, Kevin and Gerard.

During my work experience, I learnt the various stages of the making of false teeth. I had to watch them work since it's fantastic to see them manipulating products. I was able to see imprints of teeth and I could make plasters, however I couldn't make false teeth.

Overall, there was a very good atmosphere. The people were very friendly and I was happy during this week. I think that it is a good experience for my future professional life since I learnt many new things. I would recommend it to anyone since it was very interesting.


My Work Experience


My name is Antoine, I am fourteen years old and I love decorating trucks. I would like to become a lorry driver that's why I did my work experience with a lorry driver. My supervisor's name is Franck Taradi. He is a lorry driver. A lorry driver is somebody whose job consists in driving lorries.

I worked outside the warehouse. I met Gérald. He is a person who works in a warehouse store. They let me carry a sofa but I was not allowed to drive a truck. They made open and close the tailgate. The best part in my work experience was when they drove. However I didn't like to do deliveries because it was a very tough job.


Overall, I would recommend my work experience placement because the people were friendly and very supportive. I really enjoyed doing my work experience there. It was really pleasant.


My name is Camille. I am in year 3 A, I am 14. I did a journalist work experience at the newspaper La Tribune, in Montélimar, because I enjoy writing and I would like to become a writer. During my work experience, my supervisor was Laure Ostwalt, the chief editor (it is someone who checks the articles).

                During my work experience, I did some research in the archives (the archives’ room was very very cold !!!) ; I also gave out some advertisements in Montélimar’s shops for La Tribune (it was boring !...). I could go on two reports with Céline. She is a really friendly reporter. Laure made me write a newsletter for Nyons. I was not allowed to answer the phone or work on the lay-out. The best part of my work experience was when I wrote a newsletter, because they let me do it on my own, and the worst was the paper round in Montélimar, because Chloé and I were on our own.

                I would like to recommend this placement for a wok experience because it was pleasant and nice and the people were friendly and welcoming. I was tired at the end of the week but I had no homework ! And I was happy to do other things than school… It was cool !


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