Female suffrage* in the world

(suffrage = the right to vote)

remarque : ce webquest a été adapté d'un Module réalisé par Tonia Harris, professeur d'anglais certifiée au collège Nicolas-Louis Vauquelin à Toulouse.

Part one : Answer the following questions.

Find the information by clicking on the following link :


  1. Name the country in which women could vote before the 20th century.
  2. When did women obtain the vote in :

    The United Kingdom




  3. In which countries can women still not vote?



  4. When did women obtain the right to be elected in … ?


    (a state of the USA)

  5. How many countries gave women the right to vote before the U.S. ?
  6. Name some countries where women won the vote directly after WWII.
  7. Why did the biggest surge in voting rights come during the late 1950s ?

Part two : Analyse the following cartoons.

  1. Click on the following link : www.womeninworldhistory.com/lesson4.html and take a look at the cartoons. Click on the first and second cartoons. Why are they funny?
  • The first cartoon
  • The second cartoon
  • The last cartoon : Click on the last cartoon (bottom row, second one). According to this cartoon, what were the dangers of women getting the right to vote ?
  1. Take a look at this cartoon. What does it mean?


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