Our school participates in various exchange programs. Students in the English section may go to Britain or participate in exchanges to Spain, Italy, or Germany as well.

However, the only regular exchange our section runs is with [Australia-> ] because this allows students to go there during our summer holidays and attend school there without missing courses in France necessary for keeping up and succeeding on the bac. Then our students host their Australian partners during the Australians’ summer holidays (December through January)or at other times that suit their schedules. Please see the article below for more information.

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Tuesday 6 May 2014
by  G. West

360a. The CSI-Australia Exchanges explained in English

Grenoble-Australia exchanges The exchange with Melbourne 1. Three Melbourne schools participate in the exchange: Methodist Ladies’ College for girls, Saint Catherine’s School for girls and Melbourne Grammar School for boys. All are private, fee-paying schools (but our students only pay about (...)
mardi 6 mai 2014
par  G. West

360b. Echanges Grenoble-Australie-expliqués en français

l’échange avec l’Australie Cet échange existe depuis plus de 20 ans. Chaque année Mme Zanone distribue les dossiers aux élèves intéressés de TOUTE section de langue, pas seulement la section anglaise. Ensuite, elle organise une réunion obligatoire pour toutes les familles intéressées et sélectionne une (...)