Taking a year out : the gap year.

Sometimes students decide they would like to explore something else before they continue their studies. Some are also not yet of age and will not be accepted by universities anyway. In such cases, a gap year may be interesting to consider, either to travel, do volunteer work, study some specific area one has always wanted to explore, or just find a job and earn some money. The article below gives you a link and some thoughts about gap years and volunteering. In Britain a gap year is called deferred entry if you apply in year 1, but don’t want to attend until year 2.

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Tuesday 6 May 2014
by  G. West

0355a. Volunteering or taking a year out

Volunteer work and taking a year out Some students would like to do something besides study for a year, either working, traveling or volunteering. Often universities accept students on "deferred entry", but you must specify your plans when applying. That way when your year is up, you know (...)