Welcome to the English section of our web site !

To get your feet on the ground in a new country is not always easy, so we try to give you a helping hand to understand things and make contacts.

Here you can find out various facets of what we do :

An explanation of our school system

The English section association, Umbrella, and its activities, including extracurricular activities like the The Music Club and the Pantomime.

There is also a waste management program, an organic gardening club, a car sharing program, and other efforts to make our establishment more ecologically responsible, but to keep this information up to date takes considerable time, so we don’t put it on the net.

A guide to applying to universities in English-speaking countries. Start with an overview of the process.

Cultural exchange programs run by our school, like the Grenoble-Australia exchanges.

*Links to English press websites.

We are always open to suggestions for improving our site and section, but the volunteer work necessary to carry out such suggestions often involves finding people willing to get involved and help with the various tasks and activities.

Send questions or suggestions to Julia Rivoire c/o Cité Scolaire Internationale B.P. 1570 4 place de Sfax 38012 Grenoble Cedex 1, not forgetting to leave your mail address for responses. We regret that we cannot leave a mail address on the site where it would be quickly taken over by spam.