The Pantomime

What is pantomime and how does it work ?

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For those who are not familiar with the term "pantomime", this sort of play originally was soundless five hundred years ago like a mime, but over the last couple of centuries it has added dialogue, song and dance and specializes in telling fairy tales with a bit of irony, satire, and comedy thrown in to poke fun at the characters and school establishment, to get the audience involved and to have a good time.

When it is possible to mobilize parents and students to do it, we like to produce a traditional English pantomime with a winter performance because such theater productions always teach children a substantial amount about teamwork, self-discipline, and a variety of creative processes like scenery, costuming, singing, dancing, and acting. They also create a sense of school community. Whereas both the kids and parents generally have a great time, the public generally appreciates it too.

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For many years before the school moved to Europole, this tradition of doing a pantomime was quite strong in the junior high (ages 11 to 12- 14 or 15) After a five year period with no junior high production, in 2005-2006, 10 parents and one teacher, MR. West, produced "Snow White and the Seven ? Dwarves." In 2006-2007, Mr. West and Mrs. Besson produced "Cinderella." In 2007-2008 a group of 12 parents led by Mrs. Besson and helped by Mr. West produce "Aladdin." Mrs. Besson and other parents began replacing Mr. West almost completely by 2008-2009, producing "Sleeping Beauty", in 2009-2010, it was "Peter Pan". Mrs. Rivoire and Mrs. Maurin finished replacing Mr. West in 2010-2011 for the production "Robin Hood," followed the next year by "Snow White." The production in 2014 was "Aladdin" with a new script.

Try outs for the pantomime every spring are open to our current 6ème, 5ème, and 4ème students. However, there is never a guarantee of a new pantomime without the help of parents, so please, if you have the time to help us with these productions, contact Mrs. Maurin by leaving a message at school for her with your name, E-mail address and telephone number c/o Mrs. Maurin. (Cité Scolaire Internationale 4 place de Sfax BP1570 38012 Grenoble Cedex 01.)

To buy tickets for the pantomime productions, keep your eyes on posters up around school and town that will give you the E-mail address to contact.