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Founded by Mr. West in the autumn of 2001, with Mrs. Zanone and Mrs. Deleplace taking over as sponsors in 2014, the Music Club has existed for 13 years and makes it possible for students of all language sections of the International Secondary School to mix and mingle autonomously in the club where they pay nothing to create groups, take part in concerts, and learn how to play instruments and sing thanks to a knowledge exchange set up between students where the director also takes part for free. Out of 100 members in 2011 40 are very active with an average of 15 hours of rehearsals in the club room each week.

[|Club life|]

In the 2005-2006 school year the club performed five concerts and produced an album of 17 original songs against AIDS called "Seven tongues against AIDS" (See texts and translations of this album in the article Sept langues contre le SIDA album for sale through the Umbrella Association for 5€ or more.)

In 2008 the club produced "Etat Planet" its second album, which can be purchased the same way. (to hear excerpts go to the link.)

In 2011 the club produced its third album "Le Fossé entre les riches et les pauvres" which is currently on sale.

At one concert each year, we look for donations and sponsors to help finance maintenance, repair and purchases of new equipment for the club. Currently, the club has a drum set, an electric guitar, a folk guitar, an electric bass, a synthesizer, 2 microphones, an 8 entry amplifier with two 200 watt speakers, a digital studio, a monitor amp, a violin and a few percussion accessories.

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[|To sign up to use the club|]

It is easy to sign up. Students must fill out a form after having attended a meeting announced by poster. We have to be vigilant to keep the equipment in good shape. This is why we require students to follow certain rules and procedures. Not everyone can get the keys to open the club, for example, because it would be impossible to keep track of who had done what when. Not respecting the rules below can lead to exclusion from the club :

a. No one may reserve the clubroom without being a member. b. Members must reserve their times on the calendar placed on the club door. They mustn’t reserve hours where they may not play. One member of a group signs up and is responsible for ensuring that all people present respect all the rules. c. Wearing ear protection is recommended due to the tendency to play loudly. d. Only club officials named by the director may request the key from the school entrance supervisor and even they may not open the club to anyone who is not a member or hasn’t reserved. e. The schedules of club officials and the director are posted on the club door to enable members to contact them in advance to arrange for them to come open and close the club. They are never to be contacted while IN class, but only between classes. Members who use the club promise to be on time and stop rehearsals early enough to put things away properly so that officials needn’t wait to open or close the club. If an official forgets to come close the club, user members must find a hall proctor (surveillant) or staff member to close the club and must notify the directors, of this and any other incidents. f. It is forbidden to bring food or drink into the club or consume it there. This could severely damage instruments, complicate cleaning and lead to electrocution. g. After rehearsals, the club must be tidied up. Always put all volume buttons on zero before turning off amplifiers and the multiplug switch to avoid voltage surges, overheating of transformers, and energy waste. Microphone and synthesizer cables remain plugged in, but microphones must be on their stands, turned off. Other cables must be wound LOOSELY (tight winding ruins them) and hung on their hooks. Guitars must be stocked in a corner where they cannot slide and fall. The notebook must be filled in with date, time, name of user, and signature of the club official who opened and closed as well as any information about things that were wrong when you arrived or that happened (like breaking strings or other equipment...)

h. Officials sign, verify the state of the room, and then lock the club.

i. Each club member promises to play, teach, and learn while respecting differences in styles, tastes and levels of skill. All members are responsible for protecting and caring for the equipment.

[|Club Officials|]

Officials have a heavy voluntary task to open and close the club, check its state and help with the organization of concerts, meetings, and membership. But they also have an immense advantage over other club members because they can get the key any time.

Officials are chosen by the directors who prefers those who :

* are in 4ème or older. * can play an instrument or sing * have at least a year of experience in the club * show an interest in using the club and in being on time and serious about applying the rules.

The directors reserve the right to remove officials from their functions and close the club at any time. They hope the club may become more self-run and democratic, but this depends on the ability of students to take responsibilities and learn the various skills necessary (like choosing equipment, running recording sessions, setting up equipment for concerts, etc.

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