0353c. Ireland

Tuesday 6 May 2014
by  G. West

[|Ireland procedures|]

Be sure to check out our Applications Overview and Tests to Takepages as well. Contact each university or college for details of study programs offered. All applications for diploma programs must arrive at the processing center before February 1st of the year beginning studies. Application costs about 20£ (Irish pounds). You must provide certified photocopies of all qualifications obtained so far. For forms and information, contact the Central Applications Office, Tower House, Eglington Street, Galway, Ireland. Website: http://www.cao.ie Online application forms are available from this site.

Upon arrival in Ireland a student must request a resident’s permit at the local police headquarters. You will only get an offer once you send them your BAC results. other information If interested in getting help to find lodging, contact the chosen university’s Dean of residence. Study in Ireland requires having a valid passport. Students must also have medical coverage and this can be provided by requesting an E109 or E111 form from French Social Security before leaving. An E109 allows students to apply for a medical card for their stay in Ireland to make care easier. This is applied for through Customers Service, Eastern Health Board, General Administration Headquarters, Dr. Steeven’s Hospital, Dublin 8 Ireland. Phone: (1) 679 0700. The Irish Embassy in Paris can also give you additional addresses for part time jobs, tourism, etc. : Ambassade de I’Irlande, 12, avenue Foch, 75116 Paris. Phone: 01 44 17 67 00. Fax: 01 44 17 67 60.