0351h. Getting financial aid

Tuesday 6 May 2014
by  G. West

[|Financial Aid|]

Britain Scholarships for European member state students are usually possible for Ireland and Great Britain only if one’s principal university of study is in France and it takes part in an inter-university cooperation program through Socrates. So those wishing to get their degree abroad are ruled out. Students interested in this formula should NOT apply abroad, but should choose a program in France where one year abroad is allowed.

However, loans to pay UK fees are available to all EU students. In the UK fees are about £9000/year, except in Scotland where EU students may go free (if they are not English). However, this means it is very difficult to get a spot in Scotland because so many want to go there.

Though £9000 is a lot, EU students will still be able to borrow this money entirely at under 1% interest rate and only pay it back after graduation and after they are earning at least £25,000 a year (€32,000). See the student finance site. to know more about how and when to ask for these loans.

It is more difficult to get help with OTHER living costs.

On site accommodation is virtually guaranteed if you’re offered a spot. If you go Dfes 02 on fee codes, you may pay less. ½ pay full fees, and 1/3 don’t pay.

In the same way, regional scholarships are also available for courses of study from 4 to 9 months in length, (but not for exclusively linguistic studies) if you are enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Rhone Alpes. These are not limited to Europe, and for certain foreign destinations like Canada they are possible.


If you wish to study in Quebec as a French citizen, tuition is half rate for you compared to other Canadians.

Otherwise For other scholarships and loans see individual countries. There is really very little help, quite frankly, unless you are a citizen of the foreign country you intend to study in, and then often only if you have residency there, which isn’t easy to establish.

For the U.S. if you are a good athlete or a good student, looking for a U.S. scholarship or loans is also possible. Please look at the ISP brochure attached below or go to http://www.ispsport.com if you are a French athlete interested in studying in the U.S. The article gives MUCH information about how to go about this.

Sometimes you can also find a company sponsor willing to finance your studies in exchange for a commitment to work for it afterwards. To explore this possibility for Britain, contact http://www.springboard.co.uk or write Department for Education and Employment, Darlington, Student Support Division, Mowden Hall, Staindrop Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 9BG. Elsewhere, contact companies directly.

Many internet sites help with finances, as do banks, but the advisor cannot be much help because it is so dependent on your financial situation, the country you pick and what you plan to do after you study there.

See also http://www.kaptest.com/college to look for U.S. scholarships and how to apply or write to Kaplan, Inc., 1440 Broadway, New York, NY 10018.