0351c. Transcripts

Tuesday 6 May 2014
by  G. West

Preparing transcripts (records) of academic performance (upload all transcript forms, Term forms and instructions)


These are complete records of your academic performance which must be prepared if you intend to apply to universities in the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, but also for certain universities and programs in the U.K. (notably Oxford, Cambridge and certain law and medical schools.) Since these forms take an enormous amount of work, your school advisor has to have your total cooperation and help and not at the last minute. If in doubt about deadlines look at the deadline article in this same section.

Download the appropriate form at the bottom of this article. Be careful to download the form which is the correct one for: 1. Your branch (S, ES or L) 2. Your option (with OIB or non-OIB) 3. Your destination or destinations: the U.K. or US (the format of which also works for Canada/Australia/New Zealand.) If applying both to the U.K. and one of these others, you will need to download a form for each, but may recopy much information from one to the other.

Also download the transcript INSTRUCTIONS in order to fill things out correctly. You must fill out all the appropriate information: your name, address, telephone, date of birth, E-mail, and for years 9, 10 and 11, adding or modifying any subjects necessary, plus all names of teachers, all numbers of hours per week, all grades (for year 11 trimesters 1 and 2 only), all minimum and maximum grades, etc. For years 9 and 10 you must also have averages of three trimesters in French, you must add any subjects not included on the form.

When completed, you will send these forms as attached documents by E-mail to your advisor. CSI students can ask any teacher in the English section to tell them who the advisor is. These forms are due on May 1st of your junior (1ère année) along with photocopies (or originals which will be returned to you) of all your grade cards (bulletins de notes) from 3ème to 1ère, as well as copies of other test results, and if not received, correctly completed, by May 31st, the advisor MAY exclude you from the list of students to help, which means it will be extremely difficult for you to apply successfully to any English- speaking countries except Ireland and Britain.

Since transcripts require a lot of work, you must start early. If the advisor finds more than one or two mistakes or missing parts, he or she will send all the work back to you and this has to be done before the deadlines too.

This is why you must send the transcript a first time by May 1st, so that if there are mistakes, these can be corrected before May 31st.

If you are in doubt about whether you want to study abroad, we advise you to fill out the transcript anyway to avoid being excluded from the application process and regretting it later on.

The advisor will do the grade conversions but as this may interest you, the conversion documents have been attached (for the UK] and for the US) along with the various versions of the transcripts for you to download the appropriate one for you.

Transcript instructions

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13 US Canada Terminal grade reports

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14 French UK grade conversion

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FRENCH UK grade conversion

15 French US grade conversion

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French US grade conversion

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