0351b. Collecting reference letters

Tuesday 6 May 2014
by  G. West

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What you need reference letters for and how it’s done. Click to open and download

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No matter where you decide to study, it is important to have someone qualified support your application.

If you decide to study in Britain, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, the person who writes a reference is usually the advisor if you are a student in the English section at the CSI of Grenoble.

If you plan to study in the U.S., the advisor will have to provide a reference for you as your COUNSELLOR, and you will have to furnish all the information in the next paragraph for him or her to do that, but it will also enable him or her to counsel you on which teachers can provide a good additional reference for you based on the confidential reference they give him or her about you.

IN EVERY case, the advisor needs a completed student dossier for you (see Application Overview and download the dossier attached to that article) including a lot of information about you, your grades, a statement by your parents about you as well, and a completed reference letter from every teacher you have in première WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. The teacher will give it back directly to the advisor, NOT to you. So photocopy the form you download, and distribute it to teachers after filling in who you are and what you plan to study. This should be done by April of your 1ère year.

If you don’t yet know what you intend to study, just put "undecided" or list two or three subjects you are thinking about studying.