My First Day at School

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Thursday 19 December 2013
by  Louisa D

Autobiography: school is fun (ish)

My first day at secondary school was amazing, but at the same time boring. The night before my first day was like every other night: eat, brush your teeth and go to bed, but the only different thing was that I knew that the next day I was starting a new year at a new school. It’s (...)
jeudi 19 décembre 2013
par  Alexander W

Autobiography : Spooky School

The first day going to school I wasn’t worried, but when I arrived I was. That morning I woke up early. I came on the bus and tram with my sisters and their friends. As I arrived I saw people I knew. I had already come to the school but not seen it completely. As we got our books, my (...)
Tuesday 19 November 2013
by  Ailsa M

Autobiography: The Terrifying CSI

BIIIIIIINNNNG! went my alarm waking me up from my deep slumber. I didn’t want to get up because the last few days of my life were too terifing to explain! I lay in my bed excited but also paralyzed ,as if there was a crocodile under my bed .My mum shouted from downstairs, "GET (...)
Tuesday 12 November 2013
by  Nouchine B

My Two First Days of School

My Two First Days of School The First Day I can’t remember perfectly well what happened because it is now going to be three or four weeks ago that it happened, but I’m going to write all I can remember of that day. The morning was brief. Amber, like every day of the week, (...)
Thursday 7 November 2013
by  Tejus S

Autobiography:"Beat The Heat At The CSI"

I survived the first day of school! The night before was really horrible. I had spent a gazillion minutes packing. Though I knew it would all start at 1 o’clock, I could be at ease, but I wanted to do everything the night before, so that I could relax a bit. I wanted the next day to be (...)


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