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Thursday 11 February 2016
by  (^°^)


Donauwelle is a German/Austrian cake which means ‘Danube Wave’. I first tried this succulent cake at the journée franco-allemande and directly fell in love with this intense, irresistible taste. It will bring you a brand new flavor so incredible that you might be addicted to (...)
Tuesday 2 February 2016
by  (^°^)

Nut cake

Here, before your eyes ,is the recipe for a delicious, mouth-watering, succulent nut cake. I first got the privilege to get my hands on this wonderful dessert at the French-German day. In my opinion this is the easiest and most amazing nut cake I have ever tasted. Now, lets get cooking! (...)
mardi 2 février 2016
par  (^°^)

Cheese Cake

I fell in love with this world known classic on the Franco-Allemand day, thanks to its rich, indulgent and creamy filling, followed by a crunchy, succulent pastry, that my teeth sank into.This mouth-watering recipe seems hard and rather complicated to make, but believe me, it is as simple to (...)
Tuesday 2 February 2016
by  (^°^)


❤ The first time I tasted this delicious cheesecake, was at Cité Scolaire International 19/01/2016 thanks to Louise C. But I’ve added more sugar since I have a sweet tooth. Choose your sweetness level and decide how much sugar to add. You won’t regret making this scrumptious (...)
Tuesday 2 February 2016
by  (^°^)

Bayern Cheesecake

This exquisite cooked cheesecake, originally from Bayern in Germany, is delicious yet so easy and simple to make!Not expensive to bake, but very rich in taste! What you will need: For the base: 200g flour 1/2 pack baking powder 1 egg 75g sugar 65 g butter at room temperature For the (...)


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