Bag Dancing in Mike’s Garden

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Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Anita P

Mike Kenny : A Strange Combination

written by Anita P On Thursday 11th April 2013 we met Mike Kenny and his French translator in the video room in the CDI. There was some kind of peculiar atmosphere with total silence. Everyone was waiting for Mike Kenny to start speaking ... He carries around with him an iPad on which he (...)
mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Inis OB

"Never Let the World Stop You"

“Never Let the World Stop You” By Inis O’B. Mike Kenny came to visit us on Thursday 11th April 2013. I have to say, when the teacher told us a famous playwright was coming to our class for the "Printemps du Livre", I thought I was going (...)
mardi 4 juin 2013
par  George B

A lively meeting with Mr. Kenny !

A lively meeting with Mr. Kenny ! By George B. On April 11th 2013, the English 6°LL of the CSI Grenoble had the chance and the opportunity to have a conversation with Mike Kenny, a well known British playwright. He first of all told us about an enormous play festival called the "York Mystery (...)
Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Martin DM

"Your Lives are Enough to Write about"

"Your Lives are Enough to Write about" On 11 April 2013 Mike Kenny came in to see us in our school. written by Martin M Nobody would have imagined beforehand that this visit would have been so interesting, but all of us were extremely wrong! Mike Kenny is a British playwright who lives in (...)
Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Laetitia D

The extraordinary visit with a famous playwright

The extraordinary visit with a famous playwright I’ve never really liked reading plays or writing plays, but once Mike Kenny came everything changed...Laetitia D The famous playwright Mr Kenny came and visit the 6ème LL in the C.S.I on Thursday 11th April 2013 to explain to us how to (...)