Bag Dancing in Mike’s Garden

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Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Adrien D

Magic, that’s what writing is

MAGIC, that’s what writing is _______________________________________________________________ Written by Adrien D. on 7th May 2013 _______________________________________________________________ At first, I thought it would be two boring hours of my life that I would never (...)
Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Joshua LM

Nothing can stop you from writing!

Nothing can stop you from writing! By Joshua LM "Never trust people who give you the creeps!" insists Mike Kenny. I completely share his opinion. Mike Kenny followed this advice whilst his oldest son was at school. A scary school teacher gave him the creeps and prompted him to change his (...)
mardi 4 juin 2013
par  Marine P

Mr.Kenny and his Auntie Linda

On 11th April, we had the chance to meet Mike Kenny a playwright. He told us lots about his plays and his inspiration We had read lots of his plays before meeting him, and we were so anxious to meet him. I really enjoyed this ’encounter’ with Mr. Kenny, and during our meeting he put (...)
Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Isabel B

Delicious chocolates from York

Delicious Chocolates From York By Isabel B., 6°4 LL Did you ever want to meet celebrities such as playwrights? Before, I wasn’t very interested in meeting some myself- except for meeting Johnny Depp- I thought it would be boring just to sit and hear about people’s lives... (...)
Wednesday 15 May 2013
by  (^°^)

A play is like juggling jelly (Mike Kenny)

We’ve met Mike Kenny early a Thursday morning (the 11th of April 2013) in the town library of the cité scolaire internationale Europole. We talked about Upstage, Pantomime, piles of shoes and Imelda; overlooking four gardens. You can read bits of the conversation we had with him and (...)