Bag Dancing in Mike’s Garden

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dimanche 7 avril 2013
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The Gardens (Mike Kenny’s visit)

A spade, a cat, a scarecrow, winter, summer, spring, autumn, wind, rain, clouds of crows, a hat adopted as a nest, shadows, moon, puddings, stories... pebbles and even "a trail of pebbles lit by the moon". (The Gardener, A Murder of Crows p.7), (The Scarecrow p.25)... And soon : a pile of (...)
vendredi 22 mars 2013
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Mike Kenny’s plays

Mike Kenny will be visiting us this Spring... The 6es have read many plays and are writing book reports, gardening and talking about Mike Kenny. You’ll soon find some more information in this section (Does Boo deserve 9 out of 10 ? Is a garden full of emotion ? What about tightropes, (...)