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Monday 4 January 2010
by  Santa K


Letters to and from Santa, Christmas 2009
Monday 19 January 2009
by  Amandine H

Letters to and from Santa, Xmas 2008

samedi 20 décembre 2008
par  Louis V

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. I was so glad that you wrote to me, especially after my red elves told me how well you were getting on at school this year. Did you know that millions of children send me Christmas letters every year, and I read every one. This year Alexandra, the (...)
jeudi 18 décembre 2008
par  Hana A

My dear Eric

It was so lovely to receive your letter. I get so many every year, and I always read every one of them. You’re my last one tonight and I’ve just finished my plate of burnt cookies. Did I tell you I’m taking cooking lessons ? Well, It’s a long story. First I’ll talk (...)
Thursday 18 December 2008
by  Thibault M

Dear Kayin

I was very please to receive your wonderful letter. You must know that I love getting news from kids who think about me. I will love to receive other letters, but don’t worry if I don’t answer them, because I’ll read them anyway. By the way, I love Transformers too! It is such (...)


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