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lundi 4 juin 2007
par  Guillaume G

Tell Me What You See by Zoran Drvenkar

Attempting to find your father’s grave during a cold Christmas morning with a snow storm blowing isn’t the most convenient way to start the day. To make matters worse, Alissa falls in a crevice and finds herself in a tombstone where a curious black plant has made a hole in a coffin. (...)
Thursday 3 May 2007
by  Killian D

Thirsty World

Based on the subject of the lack of water, this non-fiction book reveals the real problems concerning water in the world. The very visual layout gives a good idea of the book’s theme. Pictures and large print make it look like a children’s book, but in fact the topic is dealt with (...)
Dienstag 24. April 2007
par  margot L.

Teo haut ab von Peter Härtling

BUCHKRITIK Das Buch hat mir gut gefallen, weil das eine Kindergeschichte war und am liebsten lese ich Kindergeschichten. Aber ich lese noch lieber Krimis und fantastische Abenteuergeschichten. In diesem Buch gibt es kein richtiges Abenteuer. Teo haut ab, weil seine Eltern sich scheiden lassen (...)
Wednesday 4 April 2007
by  Aaron S

Transport Solutions

This wonderful, non-fiction book opens our eyes to transport and the problems that it can cause. You see, power and fuel -essential to transport- are rapidly disapearing, so that in about 50 years time, fossil fuels (such as petrolium)will no longer be available or will sell for (...)
Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Flora L

Tokyo: All Alone in the Big City / Graham Marks

When his older sister is reported missing by her best friend while they are visiting Tokyo, eighteen year-old Adam just “can’t stand waiting for the time to be right”, to fly halfway across the world in order to find her. After dramatically getting expelled from his (...)