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Dienstag 3. März 2009
par  Elisa

Tintenherz von Cornelia Funke

Tintenherz von Cornelia Funke Das Buch"Tintenherz" enthält 575 Seiten. Die Hauptperson des Buches ist Meggie ein 12-jähriges blondes Mädchen. Sie ist sehr gierig nach Büchern. Meggies Mutter ist vor 9 Jahren verschwunden,jetzt lebt sie allein mit ihrem Vater namens Mortimer (sie nennt ihn (...)
lundi 26 mai 2008
par  Oriana L

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Seventeen year old Isabella Swan leaves her mum and her home sweet home (Phoenix), to go live in the gloomy city of Forks with her dad. New house, new car (if you can call it new), new school, new friends and a new "devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful" boy with a pale marble-like skin, dark eyes (...)
Sunday 6 January 2008
by  Al.

The Time Machine, H.G Wells

For centuries, scientists have wondered if it is possible to travel through time, to visit the dinosaurs, or to fly a spaceship. Can it be done? In this novel, H.G Wells describes the future as a fascinating place, but also a terrifying one. The time traveller, a man of crazy and abstract (...)
Monday 31 December 2007
by  Alice D

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Teenagers don’t usually pick up a book like this one. Its sophisticated language may be complicated for young readers to understand, but once started, this novel is interesting and captivating to reveal. Women had a hard time living in the Victorian era ; they weren’t allowed to (...)
Thursday 13 September 2007
by  Eloise C

Tess of the D’Ubervilles

Life for any lower class young woman in the XIX century is all traced out : getting married, raising children, doing everyday housework chores and earning a living. However Tess is set out - by her parents and herself - for a different life but fate and society seem to be against her, as she (...)