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Donnerstag 19. April 2007
par  benjamin

Die sanften Riesen der Meere von Nina Rauprich

Buchkritik: Die sanften Riesen der Meere Dieses Buch hat mir gut gefallen, weil es viele Aktionen gibt, z.B. als Manuel mit dem Schlauchboot aufs Meer fährt. Das Thema des Buches gefällt mir auch gut, da ich gerne Tierbücher mag. Die Hauptperson gefällt mir ebenso , weil sie mutig und stark (...)
Wednesday 4 April 2007
by  Robin S

Scorpia / Anthony Horowitz

It all begins in Venice, Italy, where the 14 year old spy, Alex Rider, a smart, athletic and courageous teenager discovers a secret criminal organisation called Scorpia, whose head person is Mrs. Rothman. Mrs. Rothman meets Alex after his trip to Venice, who suggests he join Scorpia, as his (...)
Tuesday 16 January 2007
by  (^°^)

The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4 / Sue Townsend

Adrian Mole is in love with Pandora, but she’s getting out with his best friend ! Mr. Lucas, Adrian’s neighbour, appears to be seducing his mother ; the BBC refuses to publish his poetry ; and his dog swallowed the tree off the Christmas (...)
Monday 15 January 2007
by  (^°^)

The Sunday Philosophy Club / Alexander McCall Smith

An accomplished philosopher and editor of the Review of Applied Ethics, Isabel Dalhousie knows all about the difference between good and bad. Which is probably why, by instinct, she is an amateur sleuth. And instinct tells her the man who tumbled to his death in front of her eyes after a (...)
Thursday 12 October 2006
by  (^°^)

Snake Dreaming - Autobiography of a Black Woman / By Roberta Sykes

The remarkable life story of Roberta Sykes, one of Australia’s best-known black activists. Roberta Sykes is one of Australia’s best-known black activists. The story of her life’s journey was first presented in Snake Cradle in 1997, and followed by Snake Dancing (1998) and (...)