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Sunday 9 April 2017
by  Matilda

Sleuth on Skates / Clémentine Beauvais, illustrated by Sarah Horne

Sophie is a little Aliboron, who has a pair of purple rollerskates and "a brain with as many connections as there are stars in the universe". The eleven-year-old also known as Sesame Seade is Cambridge’s self-proclaimed number one detective. When a student ballerina and journalist (...)
dimanche 18 septembre 2016
par  Thomas x-)

The Switch by Robert Muchamore

There’s a New "Brigands MC" in the school library... and a new (short) story at the end of that new copy : The Switch it’s only a few pages but I really enjoyed that "bonus" story ! http://www.cherubcampus.com/html/Th... Source du logo : (...)
Sonnabend 14. Juni 2014
par  Anna

Das Schulgespenst von Peter Abraham

Inhaltsangabe: Dieses Buch erzält die Geschichte von Carola Huflattich. Das ist ein zehnjähriges Mädchen die träumt von unmöglichen Sachen und mag gar keine Schule. Eines Tages hatte sie grosse Probleme in der Schule und trift das Schulgespenst Buh, das ihr einen Rollentausch anbietet. Vor (...)
Lunes 9 de junio de 2014
por  (^°^)

Sopaboba / de Fernando Alonso

Es la historia de un chico llamado Juanito que saca buenas notas en la escuela y es el primero de la clase pero no quiere serlo. Antes de ir al la escuela su padre le dice que tiene que trabajar y ser el primero de la clase. Su profesor es Don Manuel. Durante la clase pasan cosas y Juanito se (...)
Thursday 11 April 2013
by  Martin DM

"Stepping Stones", by Mike Kenny: a review

"Stepping Stones"by Mike Kenny Reviewers:Martin and Jasmine (7/10 stars) "Stepping Stones"is a play for young people , which was published in 1996. It talks about the life of a young girl,Cynth,who asks many questions about how the world is outside her life. She finally decides to go (...)