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Tuesday 17 March 2020
by  Little Miss Know-It-All

Scam on the Cam / by Clémentine Beauvais

The third Sesame Seade Mystery; written in English by Clémentine Beauvais. In this -so funny- short novel, we find a suspicious Sesame Seade. There’s something fishy going on by the river: a case for our number one supersleuth! Sesame’s parents insist that there are no pirates in (...)
Sunday 9 April 2017
by  Little Miss Know-It-All

Gargoyles Gone A.W.O.L. / Clémentine Beauvais; illustrated by Sarah Horne

Jeremy sends Sesame Seade, the secret supersleuth for student tabloid UniGossip, to inspect the roofs of Gonville & Caius College from which gargoyles are mysteriously disappearing. But that’s not all she’s concerned about: Peter Mortimer, Sesame’s cat has a strange (...)