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Tuesday 4 June 2013
by  Elise C

Marvellous Moments with Magnificent Mike Kenny

On 11th April 2013, Mike Kenny came to the CSI Grenoble to see the 6°LL English class to talk about his life being a playwright and his plays in general. By Elise.C 6° LL I imagined that being in a room with a playwight for two hours would be boring, but I was wrong : I thought Mike (...)
Friday 12 April 2013
by  Elise C

’One Dark Night’: a review

’One Dark Night’ by Mike Kenny Reviewers : George and Elise Source : Mike Kenny’s play This play is described by the playwright as "a play with shadows" The play is about a three-year-old child, could be a boy or a girl, who is intrigued by his shadow: he finds (...)