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vendredi 19 décembre 2008
par  Nikita B

Young Samurai : the Way of the Warrior / Chris Bradford

August, 1611. Twelve years old Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan – his beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by Wako (ninja pirates). Rescued by the legendary sword master Masamoto Takeshi, Jack’s only hope is to become a samurai warrior. His training (...)
vendredi 27 juin 2008
par  Nikita B

The Red Badge of Courage / Steven Crane

A new regiment of the Union army is waiting for some fighting. Jim Conklin, a friend of Henry Fleming, 19, hears rumors about their next movements. He tells the other soldiers that they’ll certainly go around the enemy and attack them from behind. Sure enough, a few days later, they start (...)
Monday 26 May 2008
by  Nikita B

Billy Elliot by Melvin Burgess

If you’re a reader who needs a heart-warming, amusing story, then ’Billy Elliot’ is for you. This novel is a unique story of passion, misun- derstanding and family life which is universally understood, no matter what your origins are. Burgess’s unique style of writing, (...)